Digital marketing shares a lot with traditional marketing. However, you will find as you get deeper into digital marketing you will start to see that it has its areas of detail and nuance. Digital marketing brings a lot more detail and preciseness to the craft of marketing, not just in the feedback aspect. It’s a game of fine margins in digital marketing and you will suddenly find yourself worrying about keywords, trends, hyperlinks and a whole lot more. At Startupbiz we would like to help you with some great digital marketing tools for small businesses.

Google keyword planner

Keywords matter because that is how people are drawn to your tweets, posts and blogs. Getting your keywords right will get the right eyeballs on your content and that is what you want. Google, knowing a little bit about how people search for things on the internet because they run that dominant search engine, has a tool that helps you find the right keywords for your content. The keyword planner helps you find the right keywords and gives you trend reports on keywords. If you are planning on doing a Search Engine Marketing campaign it will also give you price estimates for bids. Use this to find the right words to focus on.

Google analytics

If you’re running a website that’s a huge opportunity to learn from your audience. Running a website without some sort of analytics tool running is not wise. Google, yeah these guys again, have a capable analytics tool called Google analytics. It gives you key insights into your website visitors including demographics, where they come to your website from, what devices they use, where they are, which pages they visit on your website and what they do on those pages amongst many other things.

Google alerts

Google Alerts is a powerful tool for keeping up with things. In such a fast-moving world where change happens even quicker than before keeping up is getting harder. Add to that the distracting world we live in and you have a very difficult task. Google alerts can help with that. It’s a service that keeps an ear to the ground for mention of specific words in the news and online and collects them for you, delivering a round-up of them in an email. This makes the task of finding the news so much easier.


I love this tool because it can do so much for you. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that is hard to rival. It allows you to manage multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms from one place! One app to rule them all. It boasts over 20 social media platforms including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok and more. It also allows you to plan and schedule posts in advance which is a Godsend when managing multiple social media accounts.


Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there so it makes sense to have a management app just for Twitter.  You’d think after seeing what Hootsuite can do a management tool for a single platform can’t possibly be impressive but this one is. In addition to managing multiple Twitter accounts and scheduling, Tweetdeck has some neat tricks up its sleeves. You can set up searches for uses of words within a certain geographical area or the whole world. Tweetdeck ups your social listening game.


Nothing ruins an awesome social media post faster than a typographical error. This happens to everyone and is hard to avoid. Emails and other communication can also be ruined by other writing mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and even tone. You’re built-in spellcheck is good for some of these things but Grammarly is great for all this and more. It offers instant insights into your written work with suggestions for fixes. You should make Grammarly part of your writing process.

Look out for a follow-up article that contains more of these awesome digital marketing tools. All the tools mentioned here are free to use though with Hootsuite the free version has limitations and premium feels the best. Give them a try.