We talk a lot about investment here and how it is an important pillar of personal finance. While we tend to lean towards self-management techniques some companies offer investment services for private and commercial clients. Investments in Zimbabwe are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe and the companies listed here are registered with the SEC. You should recognise a few names from our coverage of unit trusts from late last year.

ABC Asset Management Company

ABC Asset management is a separately licensed investment management company that is wholly owned by ABC Holdings parent of banc ABC. They offer a wide variety of asset management services but are mainly focused on pooled unit trusts of which they offer equity, property and private equity funds.

Akribos Wealth Managers

Akribos Wealth Managers is a division of Akribos Capital Incorporated. It is an investment company that looks to serve Institutional Investors, High Net Worth Individuals and also offers alternative investments for those with a higher risk appetite.

Alpha Asset Management (Private) Limited 

Alpha asset management was licensed in 2003 to offer investment advisory and portfolio management services. They offer equity investments, money market, fund management and custodial services.

Atria Asset Management (Private) Limited

Atria hold themself out as an emerging market financial advisor and fund manager. They have fixed income and equity experience among other types of investments. They offer unit trusts as well to private individuals.

Datvest (CBZ Asset Management)

Datvest is the trading name for CBZ asset management. They offer a wide range of services including equities, money market, fixed-income investments, property, unit trusts and advisory services.

Equivest Asset Management

Equivest Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd. is a privately owned investment manager. The firm primarily provides its services to individuals and corporations. It manages separate client-focused portfolios. The firm has been operating since 2001.

Fidelity Life Asset Management (Private) Limited 

Fidelity Life asset management is a division of the Fidelity group. They offer services that include portfolio management, Unit trusts, money market funds among other products.

First Mutual Wealth Management

This is the recently (April 2020) launched asset management division of Zimbabwe Stock exchange-listed First Mutual. They offer pooled investment opportunities in the form of unit trusts. They also offer portfolio management services for high net worth individuals

Imara Asset Management (Private) Limited

Imara asset management is part of the Imara holdings group. They offer investments in listed equity and private equity opportunities for individuals.

Invesci Asset Management (Private) Limited

Invesci offers a bouquet of asset management services for individuals. These include portfolio management, segregated portfolios, mutual funds, unit trusts and research and data services.

MHMK Asset Management (Private) Limited

MHMK asset management is recently founded asset manager being registered in 2017. They offer private equity investment and focus on high net worth individuals.

Nyaradzo Asset Management Company (Private) Limited

Nyaradzo asset management is another recently licensed asset manager which only got their license in 2019. The life and funeral assurance company aims to offer clients more services through this arm.

Old Mutual Investment Group Zimbabwe (Private) Limited

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger name in investment than Old Mutual. The company offers a wide variety of investment products for clients ranging from unit trusts, retirement products and portfolio management services. Old Mutual also launched the first Exchange Traded Fund on the ZSE on the 4th of January 2021.

Platinum Investment Managers (Private) Limited

Platinum asset management was founded in 1999 as part of MBCA bank before being sold and incorporated under the Platinum Groupe. They offer unit trusts, equity investments, fixed income investments and unlisted property investment.

Purpose Asset Management (Private) Limited

Purpose Vunani asset management is partly owned by independent South African Black Owned bank Vunani. They offer a wide range of services including cash management, advisory, equity investment, portfolio management and property investments.

Smartvest Wealth Managers (Pvt) Ltd

Smartvest was established in 1996 as a wholly-owned division of the now liquidated AfrAsia bank Zimbabwe. In 2015 it became an independent asset management company. They offer investment services to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Services include portfolio management, unit trusts and money market portfolios.

TN Asset Management (Private) Limited

TN asset management falls under the umbrella of Tawanda Nyambirai’s famous if not infamous TN group. One of the top 3 investment managers in the country according to Nyambirai himself. They offer pension and insurance funds management, custodial services, wealth management and estate planning among other services.

Zimnat Asset Management Company (Private) Limited 

Zimnat asset management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of insurance giant Zimnat.  Founded in 1946 they have truly been in the game a long time. They offer private wealth management and unit trusts for individuals.