It is everyone’s dream to own a car at some point. In Zimbabwe owning a car is still something that is largely considered a status symbol. There is lots of debate around this issue though it is not the aim of this article. In this article, I want to discuss the general cost of buying a car in Zimbabwe. Due to the proliferation of car dealerships, it is much easier to shop around for a car. By simply logging onto Facebook, for example, you can come across so many alluring options. I will also include brief profiles of some of the commonly bought cars in Zimbabwe.

What It Takes To Buy A Car In Zimbabwe

There are two broad options when one is seeking to buy a car in Zimbabwe. One, you can import the car of which that option branches off into several other options. Most of you are familiar with the term ‘ex-Jap’ which refers to ex-Japanese cars. One of the notable car players in that domain is Be Forward which essentially plays a brokerage role. Two, you can simply buy the car locally – there are so many car dealerships in Zimbabwe. Alternatively one can buy directly from someone – swap and top is a common scenario here. That is the little bit about options to explore when looking to buy a new car in Zimbabwe.

Common Factors Considered

Due to the general state of the economy, people prefer economical options. Thus it is the norm for most people to consider fuel consumption. Let me also point out that people mostly buy pre-owned vehicles. With that said mileage becomes another key consideration people make. Transmission is not a huge consideration though it seems most people prefer automatic cars. Then the price is a key factor in making a decision. It is also usual to see people factoring in their intended use of the car.

Cost Range

When contemplating buying a car you need at least say US$1500 to get an appreciable car. You can get one for even less but the car is likely to present some issues needing attention. As I said I will be profiling some of the commonly bought cars in Zimbabwe. The list is nowhere near exhaustive but is based on common cars you are likely to see on any day in Zimbabwe. The prices I will be stating are usually negotiable, and they are for pre-owned cars.

2017 Toyota Fortuner

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

The number of this car model has been spiking in Zimbabwe. On an average day in a central business district, you will see several of these. I even recall the other day remarking on how so many people now own the 2017 Toyota Fortuner. You will also find some who own the 2018 model. You will find this car averaging US$58000 – price tends to vary based on mileage. This is a 2.8-litre car, runs on diesel and has an automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz C200 (Sport)

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

I have noticed that quite many people are keen on getting Mercedes Benz cars. I think it emanates from the hype driving such a car has. However, people tend to forget that owning a Mercedes Benz is somewhat expensive especially given their need for regular service. Some end up dodging service when it is due but one way or another the consequences will catch up with you. Anyways, if you put together US$5000 you can get this car. It is a 2-litre car so it is relatively good on fuel consumption.

2016 Mercedes Benz C200

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

Generally, the Mercedes Benz C200 is popular but this one here is a sleeker, cooler model. It is a 2-litre engine which makes it a good fit for fuel saving. Its cost is roughly US$27000.

Toyota Wish

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

It is no doubt one of the most popular cars in Zimbabwe. It is particularly common amongst unlicensed public service people who ferry people along most routes in the country. It is characteristic for Toyota Wish drivers to drive recklessly and that has somehow attached a certain stigma to the car. Regardless, it is a good family car because of its sitting capacity and internal space. Its popularity amongst unlicensed public service vehicles is not only because of the sitting space. It is also because it is a fuel saver – just 1.8 litres. The cost is roughly US$4000.

Honda Fit (New Shape)

This is yet another very popular car in Zimbabwe. It is even way better in terms of fuel consumption than the Toyota Wish. It is a 1.4-litre car whose price tag averages US$3000.

Toyota Mark X

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

This has also steadily become a popular car in Zimbabwe. I am sure most opt for this car because of its comfort and majorly because of the speed factor. I would not consider this a fuel saver though – it is a 2.5-litre car so it is not ideal if fuel saving is a big deal for you. You can buy one from US$5000.

Toyota Vitz (New Shape)

The Toyota Vitz has always been around and now with the new shape model more and more people are buying it. The new shape is, after all, more good looking than the initial one. It is great on fuel consumption at just 1.3 litres. As for the price it revolves around US$3600.

Toyota Passo

Buying a car in Zimbabwe

The Toyota Passo is the epitome of fuel-saving – it is a 0.9-litre car. You could say it is an entry-level kind of car costing around US$1500.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of the cost of buying a car in Zimbabwe. The prices I have used are meant to guide you as they are not cast in stone. You can find higher or even lower prices of the same, it depends. You can find out more on the classifieds website. The images I have provided are solely meant to show you what the cars look like. They are not necessarily the exact cars on the Classifieds website.