There is a need for home-grown solutions to challenges in Zimbabwe. You see, most of the tech-based solutions available are not tailored specifically for the Zimbabwean market. One notable example is payroll systems. Most payroll systems used in Zimbabwe are not custom-made for the local context. As you well know there are a lot of operational aspects for Zimbabwe businesses that are uniquely isolated to just Zimbabwe. I am talking about elements regarding monetary and fiscal dynamics in Zimbabwe, amongst other metrics. Well, there is a tailor-made solution specially designed for the Zimbabwean context that is on its way. It is called NDASENDA.

Background To The Platform

In the introduction, I briefly highlighted some of the underlying challenges faced in Zimbabwe, payroll-wise. There are so many payroll systems in Zimbabwe but like I said most of them are not custom-made for our context. In essence, they are generic because they tend to be developed for the global market. Ironically, Zimbabwe has its own unique set of circumstances far removed from the global context.

With that in mind, a platform, called Ndasenda, has been developed.

Who Developed It? Their Vision? Their Mission?

Ndasenda was developed by FN Software Solutions Private Limited. This is their flagship product which is specifically tailored for the Zimbabwean market.


Their vision is to inspire trust and to transform lives, through leadership in digital payments, nurturing social and financial inclusion. They want to empower rural entrepreneurs to broaden their connectivity to service their markets. They also want to foster cost-effective technological and financial inclusion. They are on a quest to create a digital value chain to build a cashless society.


Their mission is to establish a robust nationwide banking and payment ecosystem. This they want to do in a seamlessly networked environment by use of the latest technologies. In essence, they want to deliver real-time, multi-access channel financial and non-financial services.

A Closer Look 

An Overview

Ndasenda is a platform that will provide financial services to micro, small and large enterprises, retail chains, banks, wallet companies, international aggregators, telecom companies, and several other service providers and the national payment system. The platform can process interbank payment transfer for B2B and B2C customers with the net settlement between banks through settlement banks. The platform can be upgraded to integrate with the RTGS system for settlements.

Some of the features it is going to provide are Digital Debt and Deduction Instructions, Bulk Transfers and Salary Payments, Bill Payments and Recharges, Data Analytics-Driven Reports. Additionally, there are features for Reimbursements, Alerts and Notifications plus Bulk SMSing.

The platform will connect patients, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, labs, including health insurers or funders. This is all is in pursuance of a streamlined health solution for Zimbabwe. Some of the features on the platform in this regard are automated reminders, newsletters, expert advice, specialist groups, home-based health or care, and cross border health tourism. Health records will be readily and securely available.

The platform also features an Agency Banking solution which facilitates many bank services. These include the opening of new bank accounts, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, intrabank and interbank funds transfer, bank to wallet funds transfer, balance enquiries, and mini bank statements, amongst others.

Its Upsides

The platform is bound to enhance operational efficiency, improve staff retention and morale, and streamline deductions from central control. It is also going to reduce costs and lost revenue and will enhance productivity.

Some Notable Companies Using Ndasenda

At times the efficacy of innovation is seen in who is using it – something akin to social proofs. Some of the Zimbabwean corporates using Ndasenda are NetOne, TelOne, Powertel, Nyaradzo Group, and Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC).

How To Sign Up

You can log onto the Ndasenda website. You will be able to sign up and be able to watch a 5-minute long free video demo that takes you through the features of the app. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial. The free trial is only available until the end of Saturday the 8th of August. There is also a link for you to book a free consultation with a member of the Ndasenda team.

This is an excellent payment processing tool to use in Zimbabwe. Like they rightly put it, Ndasenda is your one-stop bill payment app.