The businesses I am going to be discussing herein do not require extremely huge amounts of capital to invest in – some of them leverage on the pre-existence of certain key components as you shall see. Their capacity for lucrativeness is quite high plus they are both scalable and sustainable. Given our current state of the economy, they are businesses that can beat the scourge of hyperinflation and economic instability. They, for the most part, do not require loads of experience but only varying amounts of training or simply knowledge acquisition. They are also businesses which wield vast potential to be profitable. That is why they are great investments. This is my list of great small businesses you can invest in this year.


Fruits and vegetables are the mainstays of this segment but most people settle for vegetables. If there is land and a clean and reliable water source then horticulture is a perfect fit. The returns on investment are remarkable because most of the produce here is highly sought after. Some of the profitable crops here are tomatoes, cabbage, covo, watermelons, and green pepper, just to mention a few.

Small Livestock Production

Here I am talking about livestock that is relatively small yet sought after. Some notable examples are poultry, pigs, and goats amongst others. Poultry is somehow most popular with focuses ranging from egg to meat production. For the other livestock, the main focus tends to be on meat production. Across the whole span of livestock production, there is also breeding. Most of the possible choices in this domain do not require much in terms of space and thus can be easily started anywhere. The key issue is availability reliable and clean water supply.

Hiring Services

This is a very broad and diverse line of business which depends on what you have. This business model is applicable in virtually any industry. For example, a gold detector machine, you can make lots of money by hiring it out. Maybe you have a heavy-duty truck; you can hire it out to people needing it to transport varying types of heavy cargo. Suppose you have an outdoor PA system, a stage platform, or outdoor event chairs you can hire that out. Especially this area of events services has a lot of room to make money. So as you can see this is an infinitely large domain.

Solar Products And Accessories

The power woes in Zimbabwe have been raging on for ages now and there are no indications of any robust solution in sight. This has seen people becoming more interested in using solar energy as an alternative. The demand for solar products and accessories has thus increased nowadays. To leverage on this you can in businesses sourcing solar products and accessories for sale. Some go as far as venturing into solar installations and repairs. The good thing about these businesses is that you can get down payments which can minimize capital requirements from the onset.

Accommodation Rental Services

If you have multiple houses I suggest you consider self-service accommodation (something like the Airbnb model). It is more lucrative than renting out a whole house getting rentals for a month. The idea of self-service accommodation means that a client can book the house for, say, 3 days. Interestingly, the amount you charge is much higher and far eclipses the monthly rental model. Most people now prefer Airbnb type of accommodation as opposed to hotels, lodges and the like. You can also consider investing in office space, business premises, events space and so on – the options are many.

Web Design And Digital Marketing Services

The demand for this is spiking because more and more are realizing the indispensable need for being online. I believe it is more lucrative to bundle the two together; after all, they somehow feed into or off each other. Most businesses or companies have shoddy websites whilst some do not even have one. Most people looking to carry digital marketing are so new to the concept and really need expert help in that regard. All that points to the expediency of having people who offer those services – the demand is there.

These are some of the small but great businesses that you can invest in this year. You would have to ascertain that the business has good management and there is evidence of growth. Not also forgetting that you must invest free capital since the risk is always a factor when making an investment. Most people already running the aforementioned businesses might be struggling with capital needs which are where investments come in.