Events are a common feature of all human endeavours. Right now, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is underway in Qatar. The festive season is upon us, and lots of events are lined up. Every day, somewhere, somehow, there will always be events in many places. Human beings, by nature, are social beings. They love to converge in one place in pursuit of common interests. That particularly applies to fun activities; people love them. That human attribute is something any business must leverage on. After all, the thrust is to lure and convert people into customers. Here are some fun events your business can organize or benefit from.

Road Shows

These have always intrigued us ever since we were kids. The common model is to have a customized truck fitted with a public address (PA) system. Playing music and making announcements will draw people, and you push brand awareness through that. Some prefer to choose a particular spot and spend the whole day there. Some prefer to move around and occasionally spend some time at strategic spots. I have noticed some can even move through residential neighbourhoods. Another more strategic approach is to conduct a road show close to your business. You can then come up with games, competitions, or giveaways. There are countless ways you can tweak your roadshow to achieve the best results.

Sporting Events – Social Or Professional

The idea is to organize sporting events. They can be social, or they can be professional. By ‘professional’ I mean they can be actual tournaments. It does not even have to be something sophisticated or costly. You can start with basic sports such as darts, pool, or computer gaming tournaments. You can think along the lines of soccer, colour runs, marathons, and the like. I have noticed people love car shows as well. Revenue can be realized from registration fees, other sponsors coming in, and direct sales. For instance, if you are running a bar business or restaurant, holding such events draws potential direct sales clients.


A carnival is a special occasion marked by parades and sometimes special foods and other forms of entertainment. Typically it can span several days. I know it takes lots of planning, but it can do wonders for your business. Often time many other businesses will be clamouring to get ad space. Carnivals also draw lots of media attention. As such, you will easily get exposed to countless potential customers. During the carnival, you also get to direct sell your products. Carnivals are not common in Zimbabwe, so holding them definitely grabs people’s attention.

Family Fun Days

This is a day where a string of activities is lined up to facilitate families hanging out. It can comprise of cookouts, games, competitions, music, and so much more. The idea is to have activities that appeal to all age groups – from kids to senior citizens. A family fun day can incorporate all of the other events we discussed (and more). The basic approach is for your business to book a venue, e.g. at a sports club, a resort location, or such like.

If you organize this event well, you might not incur that many costs. For instance, organizing an event that draws people can mean increased business for that location. The sales the booked venue will enjoy can cover the cost of booking the venue. Then again, you can reach out to get businesses or companies interested in sponsoring. Your business getting publicity and sales (on the day or later) will be cost-effective bonuses.

Business Facility Tours

If your business has substantial physical facilities, you can arrange tours. This can be for any from a wide array of key stakeholders. For example, you can arrange for tertiary students from a particular tertiary institution. I remember I once toured Lake Harvest facilities in Kariba during my undergraduate years. To this day, the experience has stayed with me. You can conduct an online contest on social media where winners get a chance to tour your facilities. These are just some of the many examples of how you can approach this. The idea is to make it all fun and engaging, plus it should be on a regular basis. Almost anyone who tours will tend to become your influencer. This is because they will generate word of mouth for your business.

Community Outreach Events

These can take on many different forms. For example, you arrange to do a clean-up campaign in a certain area. You will be clad in branded wear for brand visibility. You can start off by doing a parade from a certain point to your destination. Then you can have a series of fun activities to keep people engaged. Then it will culminate in a notable main event where you could be handing over something, e.g. equipment, to a school or clinic. All the while, there will be a dedicated desk where people can enquire more about your brand. As a rule of thumb, if you can tag along other brands or organizations, that would be great. Such community outreach events also attract lots of media attention. It will just be some hours in a day, but the results can last for ages.

These are some of the fun events that businesses can tap into. You can organize them, or you can participate in those others organise. The intention is to generate publicity for your business. Plus, you also get to make some money during the event. It really is up to you how you can roll out these events.