At the very least, there are three back-to-school seasons in a year. For some people, it can be more, given the varying circumstances. Such times are opportune times to make some money. Despite these times being seasonal, you can always profit from them. Digressing a bit reminds me of the tobacco-selling season. I have seen people who make money during such times. Understand that seasonal business ideas are not the preserve of certain people. They are for anyone taking just as long as you are interested. Here are some back-to-school business ideas to explore in Zimbabwe:

School Supplies Retail

There are so many items that constitute school supplies. Examples are stationery, food items, toiletries, and so on. The specifics vary depending on the type of students you are targeting. Day scholars, boarders, college students, and others have different needs. It is up to your discretion to choose your niche(s). Of course, there are many individuals and outlets selling school supplies. This places a demand on you to find ways to stand out.

One way of achieving that is to source your school supplies from cheaper sources. You can also couple that with operating online or from home. Given the much lesser operating costs, this will give you considerable room to price competitively. Another strategy can be to supply underserved locations. Do not be misled by thinking the school supplies space is overcrowded. It takes you getting witty in your value proposition(s).

Transport Services

The back-to-school season is characterised by an increased demand for transport services. This can be for students travelling intercity, e.g. college students or boarders. Then it can be for day scholars, who you can serve throughout the respective school period. I once did an article on the transportation of kindergarten to primary school students as a business. That is one of the many ways you can provide transport services. You can also serve those needing transport to move to and fro shopping centres. This is because there tends to be a surge in human traffic flows during back-to-school seasons. Overall it is up to you, but you can cash in before and during such times transport-wise.

School Uniforms And Other Associated Clothing Accessories

This is another avenue through which you can make money during back-to-school seasons. This is particularly profitable when it is the beginning of the year. The prospects are higher when the demand for new school uniforms is high. The approaches to this vary, though. You can specialize in simply sourcing and supplying ready-made stuff. The other focus is to make school uniforms and the like. If you can, you can even enter operating agreements with schools to supply them in bulk. The bottom line is that you can make money from selling clothing relevant to school life.

Hair Services

The many students returning to school will need to get their hair done. This applies to both males and females. The needs depend on the type of student in question. Some students will need haircuts due to their learning institutions’ stipulations. Then some will need hairdressing services, e.g. braiding, plaiting, weave attachments, etc. You can offer these services from strategic central business districts. Another approach can be to set up close to or in residential areas. You can also consider house calls. My barber always remarks how busy it gets when it is back-to-school season. He operates from a barbershop in a central business district. Money can be made during such times, so consider jumping onto it.

Supplying Learning Institutions Needs

This one is quite broad. Plus, it depends on the learning institution in question. For example, the needs of a boarding school will not necessarily be similar to a day school. The idea here is to do homework to determine what learning institutions need. The possible needs are infinite. Look at your skillset or what you are capable of supplying. Then approach learning institutions that may need what you can offer. Sometimes you may even see learning institutions calling for suppliers of specific products or services. There is lots of money to be made in these regards.

These are 6 of of the main back-to-school business ideas you can explore in Zimbabwe. So take your pick and knock yourself out. I will tell you one thing about Zimbabwe – plenty of business opportunities. You will be amazed how some people make money from seemingly small things. You can find someone making lots of money from simply selling counter books. Be more aware; have an eye and ear out for business opportunities. Back to school is a time to make some money!