If ever there was a time to consider online courses, it is now. With the end of lockdowns being nowhere in sight, it is expedient that one takes advantage of this time. You are mostly indoors and probably do not have any productive things to do. Power has been largely available lately and you could squeeze some bucks to be online. That creates the perfect scenario for you to explore the possibility of enrolling for an online short course. In case you are wondering which short courses to choose, I am discussing some of them herein.

Digital Marketing

Businesses are scurrying to run their businesses online. For businesses to survive being online is now imperative. Be that as it may, running a business comes with a wide array of technical issues and new approaches. There are so many areas of specialization that one must know to smoothly navigate their way through. Some of those areas are fundamentals of digital marketing, content creation and management, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, WhatsApp and email marketing, website or blog marketing, and search engine optimization amongst several more.

All those are areas for which you can pursue short courses in digital marketing. You can either settle for particular areas or you can pursue digital marketing as a certificate or diploma – this will be all-encompassing. I highly recommend this for all entrepreneurs. You can contact Francisca Mpofu on +263 774 067 078 for more information on enrolling for Digital Marketing Master Classes being run monthly by Tofara Online. There is also NK Digital which offers online digital marketing courses – their check out more on their website. They even allow you to pay EcoCash equivalents for the fees.

Data Sciences

There is a lot of buzz about big data and its role in things like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, deep learning and the like. This is a major field of endeavour because of its application to virtually any industry. Surveys have even shown that data scientists are now amongst the most sought after professionals in the world today. There are so many platforms online where you can enrol for online data science courses. Once you have this qualification you will be a highly valuable asset. You can even check out some free online Data Science courses offered by Harvard.

Agro-based Courses

One of the most lucrative industries, if not the most lucrative, right now is agriculture. It even comes as no surprise that agro-based firms were classified as essential services. We all have got to eat right? What this means is that the industry is still alive and thus profitable. There are several strategic short courses that you can do online especially now. Even people stuck at home can seriously consider agricultural activities right now.

For instance, you can enrol for courses on Hydroponics farming. Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants, without soil, in water containing dissolved nutrients. This is a cool income-generating project to do at home – never mind that you do not have land. Africa Startup Academy is offering an Introduction To Hydroponics Farming course online created by 160 Hydro farm. You can also check out more courses on their website. This is just one example but there are several more just as aquaculture, vertical farming and so on. Overall, I urge you to look out for online short courses in agriculture.

Web Design And Development

Due to the heightened need to operate online, people are rushing to have websites. From individuals to businesses alike, people have been struck by the reality of having a website. This all implies that web developers can stand to make lots of money from this increased demand. You can take online courses to equip yourself with the expertise to design and develop websites. You can choose the level of sophistication you want to operate at. Some websites can be developed without the need for a coding background whilst some others need that. All that expertise can be effectively learnt online.

Project Management

Project managers are needed in every industry – especially nowadays. You might have an undergraduate degree or some academic qualification but qualifying project management can put you over. You can settle for specific areas such as project monitoring and evaluation or you can settle for the all-encompassing project management. There are so many institutions that offer these courses online from certificate level upwards.

These are my top 5 picks for short courses that you can do online right now. They are some of the most on-demand short online courses that you can do online. Let me also take this time to point out something I feel is important. There are local learning institutions that are closed right now because they do not offer online classes. This might be a good time to consider taking the e-learning route. Even basic learning institutions should also consider e-learning to move away from sole dependence on physical classroom learning.