Hygiene is an integral part of any business and must be given the attention it deserves. Some businesses might trivialize this because they might not be bound directly by regulations – for instance, those in the tourism and hospitality industry. Every business ought to take hygiene seriously because aside from having a good public perception, proper hygiene promotes good health. In this article, I will discuss some important things to note regarding proper hygiene at your business premises.

Why Is Hygiene So Important?

Pathogens (disease-causing organisms) easily breed and grow in dirty settings. In essence, poor hygiene creates the optimum environment for pathogens to thrive. Thus ensuring there is proper hygiene is a sure way to minimize or annihilate any possibility of disease outbreaks. Remember it is not just about your staff and premises only. The customers that you or your staff interact with at your business can be carriers of pathogens. Thus there is also that need to have measures in place to address that.

There are also other bonus benefits that come with proper hygiene. One of them is that people are more inclined to interact with businesses that are highly hygienic. If your business is exceptional in terms of hygiene people will always notice and let others know. Right now there is a COVID19 Coronavirus that is spreading all over the world. Interestingly you will find that most of its characteristics make basic hygiene a potent preventive measure against contracting the virus. That is just an example to enunciate how much of a big deal proper hygiene is. In Zimbabwe, we have dealt with Typhoid and Cholera outbreaks which require the same approaches to hygiene.

I will now discuss 4 proper hygiene practices that your business must adopt starting today.

Hygiene-Related Notices Around The Business Premises

This orients or primes people to think of hygiene whilst at your business. You probably have seen stations in local supermarkets where there are wet wipes – that is an example of what I am talking about.  You can also include signs that let people know where the bins are – this will avoid a scenario where people just dispose of stuff anywhere. Even in ablution facilities or kitchens, you can put up notices reminding people to wash their hands or keep things tidy and so on. These are just some few examples to let you in on what I am referring to by hygiene-related notices.

Proper Waste Management

At your business, no matter what it is, make sure there is proper waste management. Trash bins or bags must be frequently emptied and properly disposed of. This depends on the business in question; some dispose or destroy on-site whilst others send to dumpsites or incinerators. Actually, the latter is most appropriate to avoid pollution at the business premises. Rubbish is not supposed to build and build at your business premises – that becomes breeding ground for pathogens.

Consummate Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is so important for any business premises. Before normal operating hours start, the premises must be thoroughly cleaned. During the course of the day, there should follow-up cleaning processes to ensure the place is top-notch always. After operating hours, depending on your discretion, it would also be wise to clean once again before knocking off. Some businesses make the staff multitask by also serving as cleaners mostly to avoid having to hire full-time cleaning personnel. Having dedicated and full-time cleaning personnel is most advised though. Alternatively, you can pay for cleaning services from businesses specializing in that. The bottom line is that the premises must be clean at all times.

Make Cleaning Agents Readily Available At Your Business

Earlier I mentioned wet wipes; that one example of what I am referring to as cleaning agents. There must be sinks in ablution facilities or other areas that are dedicated to washing hands. The necessary soaps and detergents must be available at such stations. In toilets, there should toilet paper, air freshener, and other related consumables. It is also wise to place hand sanitizers at strategic points such as counters or desks – for use by either staff or customers. Other items such as paper towels, should also be available especially at points where people wash their hands.

It is vital to not expect that staff and customers will just know that proper hygiene is important. You must as a business have a policy framework that covers key areas regarding the promotion of proper hygiene. The ways I have discussed earlier on how you can promote proper hygiene can serve as pointers for thematic areas in such policy frameworks pertaining to hygiene. If you have not been closely paying attention to proper hygiene at your business then now is the time to make an eternal commitment. The other crucial thing is that your staff should exercise excellent personal hygiene – this is indispensable. Workplace hygiene cannot operate alone without the help of personal hygiene of the staff. Bear in mind that everything I mentioned herein works together in consonance. If you bundle it all together you come up with a superior level of hygiene at your business.