Many people are looking for jobs these days. Unemployment is sky high in Zimbabwe, thus flooding the job market with prospects. Almost anyone you bump into is in some way looking for a job. Maybe they do not already have one and are looking for a better one. They probably do not have one at all and are desperately searching for one. The other dynamic is that more and more people are acquiring skills. Put together; this creates stiff competition amongst job hunters. In order to stand out and land that dream job, here are 5 interview tips:

Do A Thorough Research On The Company In Question

Where possible, take a deep dive even into the interviewers. That is, if you managed to know who they will be prior to the interview. You have the internet and social media at your disposal. With those platforms, you can even find former employees you can engage in knowing more. At the most basic, check out their website, social media accounts, and do a Google search. Whatever you find from there will form a basis for where else and what else to look into. By collecting all this information, you want to have a comprehensive knowledge of your prospective employer.

When you are responding to questions, find witty ways to throw in some of that knowledge. This will score you points for one of the most appealing things to interviewers – genuine interest on the part of the interviewee. It is common human nature for one to be impressed when someone demonstrates they have done their homework. I recall a guy who recently aced a job interview and got the job. He remarked that the interviewer made a joke about how she felt as if the guy had been stalking him. This was because he had done his homework and knew all there was to know.

Incorporate Storytelling In Your Responses As Much As Possible

You often hear me emphasizing the importance of storytelling in content creation. That is why at times, you see me using personal accounts from my life. The idea is to make my discussion relatable and, most importantly, unforgettable. This same concept is essential in handling being an interviewee for a job. It is typical that many people would have applied. It is even possible you might be less qualified than the others.

This means you need to find a way to stand out and be unforgettable. That is where storytelling comes in; figure out how to weave it into your responses. Especially when responding to questions directly relating to you, use storytelling. Other people will give generic and dry responses; distinguish yourself using storytelling.

Why Do You Want The Job? How Best To Respond

You might think this is an opportunity to downplay your previous job (if you had one), but it is not. In fact, never badmouth your previous employer (even if they were that bad). If you do, this will reflect negatively on you in the eyes of the interviewer. This question is best answered by relating this new job to your career advancement. You want to evolve and advance in your career, and this new job provides the best environment for that. That is the impression you must give to the interviewer. Sure enough, you might want the job for remuneration purposes, but that is not what you say. Tell them their company is reputable and provides the best platform to learn and grow. Couple that with the fact that as you learn and grow, you will provide value to the company in the process.

Why You? How Best To Respond

You will most likely be asked why you think you are the best person for the job. This can be an intimating question for most people. This is because you might feel like you must not sound superficial and yet somewhat blow your own trumpet modestly. It can be a truly difficult balance to strike, but the overall thrust is to demonstrate your uniqueness. Every interviewee will be asked that question, so it boils down to uniqueness.

What is it about you that is uniquely beneficial and relevant to the job? It should not be the age-old clichés of saying, e.g. I am a team player. This is yet another shot at using storytelling to make yourself unforgettable. Yes, you have the skills, the knowledge and even the experience. The other interviewee might have all that, so boil it down to your individual uniqueness.

What To Ask When Given An Opportunity To Ask

Normally during a job interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. While it can be tempting to say you do not have any, take this opportunity to shine more. It can also be tempting to ask somewhat selfish questions, e.g. when to expect a response, remuneration, and the like. Ask questions that will impress the interviewer by showing you are keen on the success of the company.

For example, you can ask what the greatest challenge they are currently facing is. You could even ask about any exciting current projects they are running. Another interesting one can be asking the interviewer how their career has evolved over time at that company. This can be a smart move in that it takes away the attention from you to them. This also helps make yourself memorable, as most interviewees might not ask that question.

There you go; 5 interview tips to get you your dream job. Like I always say when it comes to interviews, practice makes perfect. Organize mock job interviews and get to fine-tune your interview skills. You can even find useful videos, e.g. on YouTube. All in all, job interviews are mostly about one thing – standing out and being unforgettable.