Netflix Korean series Squid Game is premised on a story of hundreds of financially struggling people who get invited to contest in children’s games. The ultimate prize is millions of cash (roughly US$39 million). However, the stakes are extremely high as one can die in the process. So far it is Season 1 that was released beginning on the 17th of September with 9 episodes. In Netflix history, Squid Game has set a remarkable debut record. In just less than a month, global viewership has gone past 111 million viewers. There are some interesting marketing lessons to draw from the global virality of Squid Game.

The Power Of TikTok

Most marketers are yet to fully appreciate the power TikTok can have in marketing. Do not be confined to just the traditional platforms e.g. Facebook and Instagram, amongst others. If you can create traction on TikTok you can generate so much buzz for your brand. Right now if you are an avid user of TikTok you will attest to having come across a Squid Game meme.

It is reported that to date, the hashtag #SquidGame has been used over 16 billion times. Interesting it is regular fans that are creating and propagating content that in turn is promoting the series further. Startups and businesses must be awakened to the efficacy of using TikTok in marketing. It is more than just a platform where people just post silly or funny videos.

I can also add that TikTok also now happens to be the only platform where it is possible to have staggering numbers of followers. Squid Game does not even have an official TikTok account but the series has taken over the platform. It is high time you direct your marketing efforts on TikTok also.

Concept Over Regularity

One of the elements that led to Squid Game going viral is its fascinating, unique, and engaging concept. That on its own sparked the global buzz that Squid Game has been enjoying ever since. In content marketing, regular posting or propagation of content is of course necessary. In some cases, it might be the only way to gain traction. However, there are times when the concept behind your content is what will determine how well it engages the public. What I mean is that you might regularly propagate content but if it is dull it will never gain traction. Yet when it is the other way round it traction will be rapid. So all in all, you must ensure your concept is solid and engaging otherwise all else might not matter.

Word Of Mouth Is King

Most of you will agree that you heard about Squid Game from someone. It could have been a friend or loved one. There is this natural propensity to tell others about it. I guess this stems from how unique and engaging the series is. The series is so good that you just want to tell others about it. That is the hallmark of a solid product or service. It is exceptionally put together that it makes you talk about it freely and excitedly. Even the TikTok trend has been fed a lot by the word of mouth aspect.

Word of mouth is exponentially cheaper and faster than paid campaigns. So you must cultivate word of mouth for your product or service. The first port of call is to ensure it is solid and exceptional. The rest will just be automatic as the wave spreads out. It is said that on average a pleased or satisfied customer will share their experience with at least 12 people.

The last thing I want to point out is the importance of gamification. It is no doubt that one of the core reasons Squid Game is popular is gaming. People generally love games – no wonder the global gaming industry is worth over US$300 billion. That shows you a secret that you can leverage on in marketing. Gamify your marketing approaches. What is gamifying, you might wonder? It is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, and rules of play) to an activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. People are typically competitive and love to engage in activities that entail winning. I am sure this article has helped open you up to some marketing insights from Squid Game.