We are now on businesses you can start with US$100. In an operating environment like Zimbabwe, US$100 is a good amount to start some business. It does widen your options and scope as compared to the tight US$10 we covered in the other article. Bear in mind that every business idea I mentioned for the US$10 does apply here. Here it would simply mean you have a 10x better starting position. However, I will endeavour to bring in some other business ideas you can consider in addition to the US$10 ones.

Basic Buying And Selling

The classic buying and selling come in handy here. US$100 is a substantial amount to buy something and resell. The options are infinite and will depend on how observant and creative you are. Just to inspire you I know of a real account of someone who started a business of buying and selling with US$100. I know because I know the individual personally.

This is a single mum of 3 (recently parted ways with her husband). She started a business of buying clothing items and shoes to resell. She started with US$100 and so far she has done several cycles or batches. She has been diligent enough to reinvest back into the business from the returns. Long story short, she is managing to pay her bills, put food on the table, and send two of her kids to school. Pay attention to figuring out what sells faster so that your turnaround periods are short.

Errand Services

I have done articles on errand services before; be sure to check them out. Let us suppose you already have a personal vehicle. If that is the case then you are best suited to start doing an errand services business. This is a type of business where you charge clients so that you do their errands for them. The owner of a Zimbabwean errand services business I once profiled is a full-time employee somewhere. Yet they can still juggle that with running their errand services business.

You can broaden your prospects by targeting the diaspora market. There are many Zimbabweans in the diaspora who want to do things for their loved ones here. Maybe they want to buy them their medication, maybe they want to buy them groceries, and so on. You can come in to be the trusted person that gets to do those errands for them.

Another errand services approach that is somewhat different involves someone who probably does not have a car. Plus it involves a whole different value proposition. Let us suppose someone is looking for a particular dress or a particular item e.g. a baby walker. They do not have the time to roam up and downtown looking for it. They possibly even have no idea where to look.

You can come in providing a service where you take an order, you go look for it. You take special focus on looking for the best and cheapest option. Then you place your mark-up, deliver the item and the mark-up is yours to keep. I know someone who was doing this and was doing quite well. They started with way less than US$100, so if you have US$100 you are way more advantaged. The money will essentially be for establishing an online presence and having some working capital for transport and logistics to kick-start.

Consultancy Services

I am personally into offering business and management consultancy services. Thus I know that US$100 is more than enough to start a consultancy services business. This is not just limited to business and management consultancy though. Almost any form of consultancy service can be offered to start with that amount. I have dealt with what consultancy services are and entail before. If you are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in a particular field, you can start offering consultancy services.

Funnily I have noticed many Zimbabweans who are former sportspersons but are struggling. I particularly even know a former boxer who even represented Zimbabwe abroad when I was younger. These are the kind of people that can start making a living by offering consultancy services. Consultancy services approaches are so malleable that you can devise your own to have a superior value proposition. US$100 is enough to start building your brand, establishing your online presence and marketing yourself.

So for US$100, you can start these businesses in Zimbabwe. There is no excuse really as most of you can manage to save up to US$100. Move away from the mindset of thinking you need huge amounts of capital to start a business. You can start small and US$100 is a good place to start.