We have already established there are several approaches you can choose when journaling. One of them is using a notebook journal or journal notebook, they mean the same. This is a paper-based specialized notebook that you use for journaling via writing. Do bear in mind that you can simply purchase a notebook journal. In most cases they are generic and you can also find some that are designed differently to suit certain uses. For instance, a notebook journal for finances might not necessarily take on the usual form of a generalized one. In this article let us look at how to create a notebook journal.

The core purpose of the notebook journal you want informs several things. For starters, it will have to belong to a particular theme. That theme can subsequently inform other elements e.g. overall design, layouts, colours, and so on. This all reminds me of some years back when I used to make DIY gift cards. I had been taught that by my girlfriend and all it took were basic readily and cheaply available materials. Just got reminded of that, anyway, here is how you can create your notebook journal:

Using Already-Made Notebook Journals

This is the easiest and most immediate way to create your notebook journal. You can check out from stationery outlets, bookstores, or basic shops and supermarkets. You will find various types of notebook journals. Their dimensions and designs do differ; some are unisex whilst some are more feminine. Preferences vary depending on what someone considers most. For instance, most people would not settle for an A4-sized notebook journal because it is not that portable. Unless it is one you keep at and only use at home, one would prefer something portable. As for the already-made ones, as soon as you get them you can start making entries right away.

Customizing Already-Made Notebook Journals

The second way is to take already-made journals but then customize them. There are many ways to achieve this; it is up to your creative imagination. Some can choose to cover it with material that they love to personalize it. Some can go have it engraved say, with their name or favourite quotes. Some can stick written sticky notes to the pages to emphasise certain things. Some can take picture cut-outs from say, newspapers or magazines and stick them on some pages. This can also entail attaching stickers and the like. I am just painting a picture of how some can create notebook journals by customizing already-made ones.

Making One From Scratch

This is yet another option and is an interesting one, especially for the creative ones. You can make your notebook journal from scratch. You would need things like paper, glue, writing material, cutting tools, needles, thread, ribbon, foam, hardcovers or any type of cover fabric, scissors, and the like. You can then come up with a design and put together your self-made notebook journal. There are many people the world over who prefer to make theirs from scratch. They say that it primes them to feel attached to them such that they value it and its entries. Typically if you value something you tend to place the utmost value on anything you do with it. For some, it might not necessarily be from scratch per se. Rather they can take apart old notebooks and sort of refurbish them or recreate them into a notebook journal. There are so many idea inspiration videos or walkthroughs online if you are interested in taking the from-scratch option.

Using Any Neat Writing Book (Or Any Variation)

Any neat book or basic notebook can be made into a notebook journal. I recall in varsity me and my girlfriend I would journal daily. We would use counter books, the ones used in school. We were at different varsities. She had hers and I had mine so we would make entries daily. Then during vacation, we would exchange the counter books. The next semester we would be making entries in each other’s counter books and repeating the process next vacation. My point here is we would effectively journal using something as basic as a counter book.

So you can go for any preferable writing book, so long it is neat and durable. This means notebooks, notepads, and the like can essentially be turned into notebook journals. When I am saying variation I am referring to any witty way of journaling using writing. You can make your entries on individual papers e.g. bond paper and archive them somehow. It could be sticky notes that you chronologically archive. Just any creative variation to the usual book-based option provided it works.

Those are some of the basic options you have in seeking to create a notebook journal. I have noticed that more females than males journal, at least in my experience. I am not sure why but I encourage everyone to consider creating a journal. Other than just personal benefits, there are countless times when journals have morphed into bestseller books or biographies over time. Your journaling experience can end up opening unimaginable doors for you.