2021 had some exciting highlights on the ZSE. We also played our part by sharing some useful information for investors. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights;


01 We took a look at the outlook for the ZSE in 2021

27 We looked at some Underrated stocks on the ZSE with plenty of upside


09 Some rather surprising counters made The top 10 counters on the ZSE in 2021 In January

11 We looked at some Stock trading strategies for the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

17 We tackled some Zimbabwe Stock Exchange FAQs


05 and explained some common terms

23 We shared our perspective on why the Old Mutual Top 10 ETF should be the first place for new investors to look

29 A decline in the stock market had us questioning what a market correction is


06 We compiled a list of Useful resources for ZSE investors

19 If you have any questions as to Why investing in ZSE shares makes sense we answered here.

20 We shared some stock-picking advice https://startupbiz.co.zw/how-to-choose-stocks-shares-to-invest-in-on-the-zse/

30 and explained Elements of Financial Statements


11 Ctrade vs ZSE Direct: battle of the trading platforms

13 ZSE Small Cap counters stole the show early on

14 We profiled New ZSE listings 2010-2020

18 The biggest Institutional Investors in Zimbabwe

20 The top 10 Dividend paying companies on the ZSE

21 ZSE Banking & Financial Services Stock Performance in 2021


02 We took a stab at identifying Blue chip companies on the ZSE

07 ZSE May 2021 Performance showed some strong growth

08 and the ZSE Sector indices performances year to date showed small-cap dominance

15 We looked at ZSE delistings 2009 -2021

18 and ZSE counters with the lowest trading volumes

22 SeedCo International’s attempt to absorb SeedCo limited to VFEX failed and here’s why https://startupbiz.co.zw/seedco-is-back-on-the-zse-what-happened/

28 We looked at the Types of dividends you can expect on the ZSE


06 We asked for ZSE investing advice from our community

06 as the ZSE extended annual gains in June

12 Useful Tips for ZSE Stock Trading

14 We took some time to explain The types of share issues companies can make

23 Then profiled  Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Stockbrokers


02 ZSE added 10% in July 2021 performance update

04 We talked about Understanding share buy-backs

10 And discussed the elements of financial statements

13 We went deeper into share issues starting with the Rights share issue

24 Followed by the Bonus share Issue

31 ZSE sheds 3.7% in August 2021


03 We broke down the dividend share issue

06 and the dividend notice

15 Another informative article covered the P/E ratio

21 The ZSE paved the way for SPACs, what are they?

27 Finsec started the process of introducing Derivatives with masterclasses

30 The Things you should know about the companies you invest in

30  ZSE bounces back to gain 25.58% in September


04 Cassava Smartech shares were suspended from trading on the ZSE; what happened?

05 ZSE direct launched Android app & added features to website

11 Quarter 3 Unit Trusts performance update

20 We revisited Ctrade vs ZSE Direct – new features on both sides

27 Unit Trusts, ETF or Penny Stocks; where to invest on a tight budget

31 ZSE gains 40.76% in October


02 Miekles announced plans to unbundle Tanganda; what does this mean?

04 There were some ZSE outages as the ZSE Securities Depository went live

08 ZSE CEO Justin Bgoni hinted at big plans for 2022

08 and VFEX looked forward to first listing thanks to Caledonia

10 We weighed up Unit Trusts versus Trading ZSE shares

23 Commotion as Medtech proceeds with name, structure changes

23 Bindura edged towards switch from ZSE to VFEX

30 ZSE records second and biggest losing month of 2021 in November


07 talk about EPS (Earnings per share)

It’s always good to look back and see what we can learn from the year. 2021 gave us practical lessons on unsuspension (CFI), share consolidation (Medtech) and the dividend issue (Miekles unbundling Tanganda) among other things. Let’s see what practical lessons 2022 holds.