We are just a few days from the beginning of the year 2022. It is now time to reflect on how the year 2020 unfolded. How was the year for you? Which goals had you set for yourself this year? Did you manage to achieve all of them? If not, what caused you to not achieve your goals? These are some of the many questions you need to ask yourself right now. You must do so as you get ready to navigate yet another year. In this article I shall share with you 11 goals you can set yourself for 2022 – this is part one.

Financial Management

Finances are the most definitive area of any person on earth. Most of the problems people face are traceable directly or indirectly to financial issues. As much as many struggles to earn enough money – the secret lies in proper planning. Set financial goals for 2022 – basically how you will generate and spend your money. Your goals can also entail specific action plans you will take in cultivating healthy money habits.

Time Management

It is not so much that life is short but rather that people waste so much time. Very few people are strategic about how they spend their days. Time is money, you often hear right? This means time just like money should be properly managed. The awesome thing about time though is that we all have the same share daily – 24 hours. The 365 days of 2022 represent time; plan how you will spend them and stick to that plan.

Immediate Family And Extended Family

These two clusters can be a blessing or a curse. Certain boundaries need to be set. This applies to the immediate family just like it does to the extended family. Many people are stuck in unhealthy webs within these two clusters. In 2022 set goals that will be centred on any of many possible issues. It could be regarding forgiveness and reconciliation. It could be regarding breaking free of unhealthy cycles. The contexts are so many but the bottom line is that you must come up with strategies to thrive when it comes to family.


Anything you will ever need in your walk on earth will be directly or indirectly tied to someone. That is why it is emphasised that you must value all people. No wonder it is said that your network is your net worth. Strategize on how you will network in 2022. Be it academically, in business or entrepreneurship, or just in general, you will have to network.

Eating And Drinking Habits

This is just an umbrella title to refer to what you eat and drink in general – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. For starters, be deliberate about the amount of water you drink daily in 2022. Set targets of how much water you will drink daily. Alcohol must be drunk in moderation or some cases eradicated. There will be some tough decisions you will need to make in 2022. Then we come to eating; they say your body is what you eat. It is said that over 80 per cent of what your body is comes from what you eat. This means that working out plays a much smaller role in how your physical body turns out. It is said that in Zimbabwe most of what people love to eat is unhealthy. Fast foods are so common yet so unhealthy. There is also an excessive intake of starch daily. Take time to plan your eating and drinking habits in 2022.

Your Subconscious Mind

This is one of my most favourite subjects to talk about – it fascinates me. Unfortunately, many people have no idea just how powerful the subconscious mind is. It is said that over 80 or 85 per cent of anything you do every day is directed by the subconscious mind. Even more remarkable is that your subconscious mind never shuts down – even when you sleep.

Without becoming too technical and scientific just know that you need to start paying more attention. I am referring to paying more attention to what you expose yourself to. The subconscious mind is like an audio-visual recorder that runs 24/7. Later, it then influences how you think and act. Thus you must set goals about what you read, listen to, expose yourself to and so on.

Vision Retreats

I recall a few years ago seeing an American-based pastor who said he goes on annual vision retreats with his wife. This is a weekend where they go somewhere secluded and spend a weekend alone. They will be praying and planning everything about their life and what they plan on doing. I found this to be smart and necessary. This can be adopted for any area really – marriage, friendships, family, work, business, and so on. Make it a point to do this in 2022 – set some goals in pursuance of this.

Wardrobe Management

This involves some things e.g. changing, adding, or even a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. You might think this is not necessary but it is. Do you have any idea how many people overspent by impulse buying clothes? It is high time you start setting goals for your wardrobe management. If you do this you can end up noticing some clothes that you can bless the less privileged with.


The same goes for your entire home – do a form of inventory management. Take stock of what you have and what state it is in; do this regularly. In the process, you will end up de-cluttering your home and getting rid of what you do not need. Money can even come out of that as you can realize things you can dispose of. Make it a goal to do this often in 2022.

Resolving The Unresolved

This is open-ended and covers any area of life. For anyone of you, chances are you have unresolved issues in your life. I will not mention examples – as soon as you read that stuff immediately came to your mind. In 2022, make up your mind to resolve the unresolved.

Revisiting Aborted Pursuits

In the same vein, and it is only fitting since I have been discussing goal setting, I must say this. You have set goals in the past and you may have not accomplished many of them. Maybe you started and stopped along the way. In 2022 plan to revisit and resume some of the pursuits you aborted along the way.

How these goals can depend on you and your context. What I did here was to help you or guide you in which areas you can focus on. Remember, it is enough to just set goals – without implementation or execution, it will be all for nothing. Make a commitment in 2022 that you will see to it that you execute your goals. Ultimately it is the doing part that makes all the difference. Setting goals is just the starting or planning point. All the best in your endeavours in the year 2022!