Zuva Petroleum has enhanced its website by adding on some cool features. Zuva Petroleum has been endeavouring to keep abreast with the ever-evolving digital world we are living in. Zuva Petroleum prides itself in its focus on innovation as the central pillar of its operations. They aim to conveniently serve their customers. This they strive to do through the use of technologies that make doing business easy. It is with that ideology in mind that Zuva Petroleum recently enhanced its website by adding some very cool features. I shall be looking at that and more in this article.

A Walkthrough Of The Newly Enhanced Site

The enhanced comes from the new features that have been added. A tab indicating prices for petrol, diesel and LPG has been added for easy reference. The website now has a Site Locator. With this feature, one can easily locate a Zuva fuel service station near your real-time location. You also get to go through site reviews and other important details such as operating hours. Then we have the Fuel Finder feature which will be a hit amongst consumers. This feature simply lets you know which fuel service have fuel at any particular moment. This will reduce unnecessary movement as one will just drive straight to where fuel is. They have also added portals for customers and cards. This means customers can apply for cards (Zuva Fuel Card) online whilst those looking to the franchise can also apply online. Franchises can be in the form of fuel service stations, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or various types of lubricants. You can check out all these exciting features on their site. The site is optimized for mobile so the structural integrity of the site’s layout remains intact respective of the device you access it from.

Web Applications No longer A Luxury

This move by Zuva Petroleum feeds into the narrative I have been driving for a while now. Gone are the days when having a website as business was somewhat a luxury. It is now imperative and businesses that are going to thrive going forward will need to embrace operating online more than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic brought in an interesting dynamic centred on something most businesses have been ignoring for a long time. Now that customers are stuck at home and movement is restricted it has dawned on most businesses that being online is needed.

Most local businesses should have taken a cue from the Fresh In A Box example. That business was tailored to stand in fair weather and during doomsday weather like now. Four things every business must now seriously look into are as follows. One, have a well-built website that is fully optimized for mobile – most people access sites on their mobile devices (never forget that!). The site must make it easy for customers to enquire on anything or generally to interact with your business. This means you must have social media accounts for your business and outbound links for them must be embedded on the site. Thirdly, the site must make it possible for people to pay online without any hassles. Payment methods should incorporate local (mobile money e.g. One Money and EcoCash) and international ones (MasterCard and Visa). Finally, wherever applicable, have an ordering system on your site and it must be complemented by a seamless delivery system.

The fact that a big company like Zuva Petroleum has taken time to beef up its site should tell you something. Zuva Petroleum does not necessarily lose anything even if they did not have a website. This should serve as a wakeup call to businesses out there that being online is now the way to go. It is not even as expensive as most people think to set up a website and all. So, once again, it is my clarion call that as a business you should start operating online.

Zuva Petroleum is one of the leading fuel service providers in Zimbabwe. They have 7 key products and services namely, petrol, diesel, LPG, Aviation, lubricants, Presto and Zuva Fuel Card. You can call them on +263 8677 000 490 or WhatsApp on +263 772 129 329. Alternatively, you can email them on customercare@zuvapetroleum.co.zw or info@zuvapetroleum.co.zw .