The use of the smartphone has been spiking sharply ever since sometime around 2007. At this very moment it is reported that more than 3 billion people worldwide use smartphones. This number keeps growing relentlessly with projections stating that by 2021 an additional number of close to 1 billion people would have started using smartphones by then. All the global tech titans owe their huge success in significant part to smartphone usage. Examples are Facebook, Google and Amazon just to mention a few. As a business person you must already know what this all means for you right? The smartphone has become an essential component of your overall business strategy. This then implies that you must effectively harness the power that is encapsulated in the smartphone. Though there are many things to look at today I am discussing essential software you must have installed on your smartphone for its use in business.

Cloud Storage App

Not all smartphones have high internal storage capacities; those that do tend to be expensive. Even those that do have high storage capacities tend to be subjected to certain limitations that come with storing lots of data on board. Here is what I mean, as the stored data gets more and more this tends to lower the overall performance of the smartphone. Anyways, the point I am simply driving at here is that you must take advantage of cloud storage platforms. This enables you to store and easily access your data online from your smartphone. When I discussed essential software for your computer I did mention this. The awesome thing about most big cloud storage service providers is that they are multi-platform. What this means is you can have your cloud storage account accessible from your PC or mobile devices using the same log in details. So as for your smartphone you must install the mobile app version of the cloud storage platform in question. As I once highlighted before, Dropbox is the most recommended though other options are there.

Scanning Software

In business you obviously work with various types of documents from time to time. Some of the things you might work with are receipts, invoices, quotations, certifications and so on. The smartphone can eliminate the need to scan or fax such documents when copies of them are needed somewhere. Some smartphones do come with pre-installed scanning software but most do not have that. Some of the scanning requirements can be to do with QR codes or bar codes. Especially QR codes; they are increasingly being used in the business world these days. Thus you must install an app that is all-inclusive so that all you can do all the aforementioned processes. There is an app called CamScanner, I would recommend that to you. It works exceptionally well even if your smartphone camera is not that top-notch.

Note Taking App

You definitely need an app that enables you to write notes, reminders, to-do lists and so on. It is important to have something like that so that you streamline your activities. Different types of such apps are out there and they come with variations in their features and functionalities. One notable app in this regard is Evernote because of its wide range of features. With just the free version you will be all set to organize, jot down and schedule your activities.

Social Media Apps

I can never overemphasize the pivotal role of social media in business strategies nowadays. Business marketing is all about digital marketing of which social media is a major part of that. So you must install social media mobile apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Under social media apps let me also state messenger apps as an important group of apps you must have too. On messenger apps I am referring to ones like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. By having all these software you will be able to do your business activities, marketing and engaging with customers any time, even whilst on the go.

Internet Browsers

You must install a good internet browser so that you surf the internet with ease. Google Chrome still is the most recommended choice but options are plenty. Opera is also another option which is also good in that it consumes lower amounts of your internet data. You basically can have more than one browser so that you switch across them as you see fit.

Email Client

It can be very inconvenient to access your emails using the internet browser. The best way is to use apps that organize your emails to adapt to a mobile interface. These apps will also make it efficient for you by giving alerts of incoming emails. I personally use Outlook which I would gladly recommend to you. The app can accommodate more than one email account and you have options to have one inbox inclusive of all your email accounts – in my case it is two accounts (Gmail and Hotmail). For those who use custom email providers Bluemail is definitely a great application.

Phone Optimizer

It is vital that you have your smartphone operating optimally at all times. There are a number of things that can affect your phone’s performance – things that can be addressed. Fortunately there are apps that include features like cleaning, anti-virus, boosting, battery saving, central processing unit (CPU) cooling and so on. Again there are countless options to choose from e.g. 360 Security and All-In-One Toolbox.

Office Suite

This is needed for the purposes of handling your documents. Instead of having to go to the PC or laptop you can create and edit documents on your smartphone. My personal recommendation would be WPS Office.

Multimedia Software

This is a very broad segment of software you must install on your smartphone. Examples are image editors, media converters, file sharing apps (e.g. SHAREit), just to mention a few. Your needs will be dictated by your line of business.
For you to transform your smartphone into a powerful business tool make sure you have all these software. Ensure they are up-to-date always.