As the focus on Zimbabwe’s capital markets grows the landscape must change to match the status quo. Direct access to the capital markets has certainly brought more activity to the markets, the ZSE in particular. ZSE after launching their own direct access website and Android Application have now launched a native Apple application to increase the accessibility of the platform.

Apps the way to go

The preference for native apps is clear with the millennial and generation Z thinking firmly preferring to access any sort of content or services through native apps. There are many reasons for this, some are practical and have to do with access being easier via an app, especially where internet connectivity is costly, poor or both. The ZSE direct Android app was well received and has worked through some initial glitches to come closer to being completely stable.

iOS app

The ZSE Direct iOS application was recently launched and it brings some much-needed convenience. The team at the ZSE are working at a furious pace to get things going. The direct trading platform was launched in September 2020. The Android app came a little over a year later in October 2021. In 4 months they have launched the iOS application. They have of course been very busy with other projects such as establishing their own securities depository and launching one of the 2 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that they said would come early in the year. The second of these is on the way.

It’s good

After using the app since its launch for nearly two weeks I can safely say the app is good. The app may in fact be more stable than the Android app. It provides the same screens and functions that make the ZSE Direct app good. If you haven’t experienced the ZSE Direct Android app you can read about it here to know what to expect from the iOS app. Working equally well on the iPhone and iPad (even Pro versions with their larger screens). Perhaps the only downside in an otherwise stellar package is the lack of real-time updates on the top gainers and losers, this is experienced across both Android and iOS versions. The web version however does continuously update.

One thing the ZSE has shown over the best part of the last 2 years is its commitment to bringing the exchange into the modern era. Many small steps are assuring that this drive does not end in talk but comes to fruition. While the launching of iOS seems like a small step because many will cite that the market segment for iOS devices is small. The goal is of course to ease the path for as many as possible to enter the capital markets. The move appears small today but the effects long term are plenty and will count. I enjoy switching between devices and platforms so having access to my Portfolio regardless of which device is in my hand. If you’re of the iOS persuasion try it out here.