The ZSE is an established stock exchange. Despite what has happened in the economy, the exchange has held strong. A key participant in any exchange are intermediaries and in the caser of the ZSE, these are stock brokers. The ZSE has 19 registered stockbrokers and we will take a look at them to understand a bit more about what they do and how they do it. Contact details for all stockbrokers are provided in the article and you can access them by clicking the name of the stockbroker at any time.

ABC stockbrokers

The company was established in 1997 when it started as a joint venture between brokers & the BARD Group of Companies. In 2000 the company changed its name to ABC Stockbrokers (Pvt) Limited following a buyout of BARD by Heritage Bank and the subsequent merger into BancABC.  They offer clients services that include ZSE trading, market research, advisory services and trading in bonds and other derivates.


Akribos securities is a division of Akribos capital who are asset and wealth managers. They have a large footprint including in regional markets. They offer trading, advisory and research services. For clients, they provide daily reports, company-specific reports, sector reports and thematic reports.

Bethel Equities

Bethel equities registered with the ZSE in October 2007. The ambitious firm has presided over some of the ZSE’s highlights including the merging of then listed Kingdom Bank and Miekles to create the ill-fated Kingdom Miekles Africa Limited in 2007. They also presided over the last IPO on the ZSE, ZECO holdings. They offer trading, advisory and research services.


EFE securities are one of the more active brokers present on the ZSE. The company was registered on the ZSE in 2003. They offer services that include trading, research and advisory. I say active because EFE provides up to date information to the public at large and they have a reputation for being an incredibly effective broker in our ZSE investor’s community.


FBC bank is a brand that many are familiar with but may not be familiar with FBC securities. Their stockbroking arm provides trading, research and advisory services. They have played critical roles in the $95m IDBZ infrastructural bond in 2012 and 2014 and the acquisition of FBC Building Society and its eventual divesture of Turnall Holdings Limited


Fincent securities are one of the young guns amongst ZSE stockbrokers. They were registered in 2019 to become the 18th stockbroking firm registered with the exchange.  Fincent offers their clients trading, advisory and research services.


Imara Edwards securities are the stockbroking of the Imara Capital Group. They have an esteemed history in Zimbabwe’s financial services industry and international presence. Imara offers its clients research and trading services. They provide regular reports for their clients including market diaries and the morning note. Imara has also gathered a reputation for being a very effective broker.


Interhorizons group is a well established financial services group in Zimbabwe and IH securities serve as their stockbroking arm. They offer trading, advisory and research services. They produce quality and helpful reports including their morning notes and summaries.

Lynton Edwards

Registered with the ZSE in 2004, Lynton Edwards is an established name in the game. They provide trading and research services for clients. They provide regular reports including a morning brief and a quarterly brief which are very handy.


MMC Capital has been registered with the ZSE as a stockbroker since 2008. They offer trading, research and advisory services to clients both retail and institutional.

Morgan and Co

Morgan and Co is a well-established owner managed stockbroking firm in Zimbabwe. They offer trading and research services to their clients. Morgan and Co stand out for several reasons; firstly they have the best price sheet in town which is visually very easy to understand, secondly, they provide quality market intelligence reports. As if that wasn’t enough they provide all this through an app that is available for iOS and Android devices which also has a lot of back data. I suppose I should mention that they have cultivated a reputation as an effective broker.

Old Mutual

There is no way you can have a conversation about financial services in Zimbabwe and not include what can only be described as a financial services behemoth, Old Mutual. Old Mutual securities were formed in 2010. They have many notable achievements on the ZSE and it may be easier to just mention that they are providers of many firsts including Unit trusts and now exchange-traded funds. They provide trading, advisory and research services. They also produce reports for clients including morning notes and market research.


Platinum securities is a division of Platinum group that provides multiple financial services to clients. Platinum securities offer trade, research, advisory and arbitrage trading among its services. They offer clients daily, weekly, monetary policy, fiscal policy and company reports.

Wealth Access

Wealth Access is the youngest stockbroker on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange having been registered in January of 2020 as the 19th stockbroker. They provide trading and research services for clients. They off trading on domestic as well as international markets. They provide clients with weekly reports and tailor-made notes when the occasion calls for it.

Of the 19 stockbrokers, 6 listed had little to no information readily available about them. These 6 are First SecuritiesInvictus, Jemina, MastRemo and Southern Trust Securities. You can click on their names for contact details.