Successfully starting and running a business, difficult as it is, is not quite rocket science – it takes consciously calculated, deliberate and well-informed steps. There are tried and tested strategies some of which I have extensively covered in my articles. It is paramount that you know what matters most then to major on minors. You see, in entrepreneurship, it is possible to invest time and money into all the finer details and still lose sight of the grand picture. In short, after having done everything else if you cannot sell what is the point? Business is about generating revenue and working towards realizing profits. That cannot happen without sales. With that said, I will now share with you 3 ways on how you can increase your sales.

Secure More Customers

In politics, you tend to hear adages like, ‘politics is a game of numbers’. Well, even in business to it is a game of numbers, the more the merrier you could say. All the 3 areas I am discussing in this article are a function of increasing some number. Increasing the number of customers is a sure way of increasing your sales. You can increase your number of customers by:

Solid Value Proposition

One of the ways you can use to increase the number of customers is putting together a formidable value proposition that is unique. Essentially you must be providing a product that addresses a common widespread problem. The product should be effective in addressing the problem and should be affordable (yet profitable).

Redirect People To Your Online And Or Brick And Mortar Platforms

These days digital marketing is king due to the ever-increasing use of the internet and social media. If you want to increase the number of customers you have to lure them and redirect them to your business platforms. You have to create and propagate content that will achieve the aforementioned.


One of the fastest ways to increase the number of customers is through referrals. Every person has a sphere of influence. When they interact with any business they will most likely share their experiences with those people. Whilst this is inevitable you can deliberately encourage your existing customers to refer prospective customers to your business. That is why it is important to deliver top-notch customer service. That is why it is also important to solicit feedback from customers so that you build user-generated content. People are more inclined to buy products that other people validate – dealing with social proofs here.

Enhance Average Order Sizes

If you can convince your customers to buy more then obviously sales will surge. How do you achieve that though? There are various ways you can use to get customers to order more. We cannot discuss this area without mentioning upselling. If you have never heard of upselling it is when you convince a customer to buy something extra or to buy something more costly instead. You can also incorporate complimentary items to make your products more alluring. Discounts also come in here as they will incentivise customers to order more. I once talked about bundle pricing whereby you price products together into packages – it works here too. The other way you can make your products more attractive is by enhancing them. Ever noticed the craze when a new iPhone comes to market? People love upgrades or enhancements to existing products.

Boost Repeat Purchases

You might not be able to convince customers to increase their orders. Signing up could also be an uphill task but there is still one way you can use to increase your sales with existing customers. It is by increasing repeat purchases. Cultivate a product structure and customer service that encourages your customers to make repeat purchases. I recently did an article on how pricing reasonably can boost repeat purchases and thus drive volumes. The crux is simple – to realize more sales.

These 3 ways seem too simple or too generic but that is where the secret is. If you muse on all this information and devise actionable strategies you will see remarkable results. Increase your customer base, increase customers’ order sizes and ensure repeat purchases spike. With just those 3 simple steps you will experience notable business growth. Once you start implementing these things make sure you brace up for business expansion. You would not want a scenario where your business gets more customers and you get overwhelmed.