The pop-up store concept has grown from a simple idea to huge industry practice. Pop up stores do provide great opportunities for businesses in many different ways. is possible to operate a business completely online a lot of business is still done offline. Given our economic climate and the massive expenses which our fledgeling businesses are not always capable of dealing with pop up, stores can be used as a great way to break into the market without breaking the bank. Here are 7 reasons to consider pop up stores for your business.

Go offline

For those who operate wholly online, this method gives you a chance to interact with customers offline. While online does provide great insights it does in some ways rob you of the experience of people interacting with your product. If you have a line of skincare and beauty products that you sell online a pop-up store can help you by giving people live demonstrations and interaction with the product. It will, in fact, support the online brand.

Test new markets

Consider a business locked in one geographical location or to a specific demographic of customers. It makes sense to test new markets first and pop up stores allow you to do that very well. The same can, of course, be said for a new product or product range altogether. This also works really well for new businesses which want to see how well their product works. There are places like Moto Republiks Hustlers Market in addition to many events and fairs going on all year round.

Move stock

Perhaps it’s stock that’s sticky or you just want to boost your cash before a certain time. You can use pop up stores to move things quickly and cash in. The idea is simply to get out there and personally push as much as possible. This works better where stock is discounted or specials are thrown in the mix.

Customer Education

I gave the example of the beauty range before and those are not the only complex products out there. Sometimes you will have to spend additional time educating customers on the use of a product for them to get the best out of it. You can do live demonstrations to great effect.

Capitalise on occasions

I already mentioned events and taking advantage of them and this is a very popular use of pop up stores. If your product can be marketed on a seasonal basis you have a great opportunity here. Zimbabwe event space is fairly small but growing. With a commitment to catch the high traffic events and occasions you can really boost your business

Create urgency

Where you have a new or limited edition item you can use the pop-up idea to create a buzz and urgency for your products. Publicising your pip up appearance beforehand and letting people.k ow there is limited stock or the special edition nature of the product can work very well for you.

Brand awareness

People generally love ideas and businesses they can relate to and meeting people in person, having two-way conversations and interacting in more than one way can bring great rewards for your business. By showing up at events or places they frequent you get the “one of us” seal of approval which is incredibly valuable if you know how to use it in your marketing.

It, of course, depends on your specific product how useful the pop up approach is to you but don’t be quick to dismiss it. It may work for your product better than you think.