Perhaps you started a small business recently and want to reach out to friends and family for support but are not sure how or what to ask for. Perhaps you are the friend or family and are wondering how you can help a small business out. Whichever the perspective it’s good to know how you can give small business owners the support they need. These tips are ultimately about helping the business achieve its goals.


Seems kinda obvious but the number one thing businesses need is customers and if you don’t know how to help this is where you start. Bar a mathematical error (and they do happen) regarding the profitability of the product or business selling more products will put more money in the pocket of the business owner. Its that simple. So please, buy something. While you’re at it buy for your friends and family if your wallet allows.


This one is contentious and ill be frank with you only matters if you have employed tip number one. Getting feedback from someone who hasn’t used the product is right at the top of the list of useless things. Unless your feedback pertains to the sales process but I would rather leave that to those that have been asked to give feedback on it and you should too. Positive or negative feedback is necessary but not always welcome the same way.


Where possible reviewing the product will do a world of good. It’s not always easy to do so because not everybody has opened up to the idea of reviewing and how it can benefit them. Instead of waiting for a platform for reviews to open up, you can use the same platforms you used to let everyone know about your latest designer purchase or gadget. Again, reviews really only matter from people who have bought or used products and it’s pretty easy to tell when this is not the case.

Tell a friend

Spreading the gospel helps businesses to grow especially if you are linking the right people to the business. Before you complain about how you won’t always know who needs the product it is worth noting that there are always clues. It doesn’t hurt to let people know about the small business that is providing something they use or may need. While they may not always react immediately or at all, you would rather people know the business exists and not want to try than want to try and not know.


Finally, this really goes above and beyond the call of duty but if the product is good you should consider this. A pre-order or a standing order gives the business owner some sort of predictable revenue. If you’ve ever run a business the thought of known or guaranteed predictable revenue has likely brought a little tear of joy to your eye. Giving the gift of predictable revenue can bring just what a business owner needs.

While I don’t subscribe to the idea that businesses should be sponsored it is something I would add as a bonus tip. Sponsoring a giveaway can help small business owners immensely. They get to use products that are paid for to run promotions which will bring more customers. You should use all these methods, especially buying to support small businesses around you. If you would like to get people to support your business send them this article.