TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform which was launched in 2016.  It originates from China and currently, the platform has around 850 million active users. This is a remarkable feat given that it is barely even 5 years old. Well over half of its active users are of course based in China. In China, TikTok is widely known as Douyin. The platform is quite simple and straightforward – it allows users to post-shot video clips that are either 15 or 60 seconds long. TikTok is wildly popular; last year alone it was downloaded over 700 million times. We have established that it is popular so it only makes sense to explore ways in which you can use it for your business.

Why Use TikTok For Business

There are a couple of reasons why you should use TikTok for your business. The first one is obviously because of the sheer user statistics of the platform. So many people use the platform – the 16 to 24 age group being the most active – of which they have so much influence online. You also do not have to struggle to make content due to the video length restrictions on the platform. It is somewhat easy to make video clips ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. It is also relatively easy to engage your audience because the video clips will not be too long.

Let me just highlight some remarkable stats regarding the potency of video content. Science has shown that 95 per cent of something presented in video format can be retained by the brain. Video content is 1000 per cent more likely to be shared. Video content increases sales lead by over 60 per cent. A brand can become more visible by a factor of more than 50 per cent due to the use of video content. In comparison, video content is 500 per cent more effective than all other forms of content. Video content also ranks relatively higher in Google searches. It is abundantly clear why you should use TikTok for your business.

How Can You Use TikTok For Business

Create Hilarious Content

You can come up with funny or hilarious short videos whilst marketing your business. Content that makes people laugh is the hallmark of TikTok. The strategy is to lure people to your content for the laughs but in the process of marketing your business.

Turn To Social Media Influencers On TikTok

Obviously building an engaged following on TikTok (or any platform) is not that easy. It is much easier to tap into followings that have already been established. This will need money but it can quickly reap benefits. You simply have to identify any TikTok social media influencer that resonates with your brand. You then enter a working arrangement where they market your brand with a bid to tap into their huge social media following.

TikTok Ad Features

TikTok has a couple of ad features that you can use to market your brand. The ad features have mechanisms that help you conduct targeted marketing. This is when you specify certain demographic characteristics such as age groups, location, and so on. For example, TikTok has a feature that is the equivalent of an Instagram story. Of particular note is the ability to include clickable links there to redirect prospective customers to landing pages.

HashTag Challenges

This is a very simple strategy which can boost your brand visibility remarkably. You encourage your followers to include certain hashtags as they post content about your brand. For instance, let us say you are promoting couples holiday packages for your hospitality business. You can encourage people to make posts with the hashtag #DoItForLove. Hashtags are not only catchy but also trendy on social media so people are quite predisposed to participate. Most people spice this up by offering incentives (in the form of rewards or prices) to those who use the hashtag and tag others.

A close study of TikTok has shown that children and pets are the most popular content items on the platforms. I mentioned that the most active age group on TikTok is 16 to 24 so those two items really resonate with them. Let me reiterate that you must use them in hilarious ways. Do not also forget to include sound effects and music to your video clips.