More and more money-sending service providers have been emerging in and or targeting Zimbabwe. This has effectively increased the number of options that Zimbabweans can use to send or receive money. Some service providers offer both domestic and international money-sending services. Then some just focus on domestic money-sending services. Today I am discussing yet another money-sending startup for your consideration. I am referring to Tumai.

Who Is Tumai?

Tumai broadly offers several classes of services:

Diaspora Goods And Services Payment Service For Loved Ones

Tumai is a money-sending or payment service which assists people living abroad to make direct payments for goods and services on behalf of their loved ones in Africa. Tumai enables this by facilitating direct payment of the service from the customer’s location. Their web app is what customers use to send goods or services to their loved ones. They can pay using VISA or MasterCard using a payment gateway on the web app.

The recipient will receive a confirmation of payment – this will be the token or voucher they will use. For now, those in the diaspora wishing to buy their loved ones in Zimbabwe can select from Gain Cash & Carry or N Richards Group. This service will be coming soon to other African countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia.

Domestic Money Sending Services

They also provide domestic money-sending services within Zimbabwe. When you want to send money, you have to create an order via WhatsApp, +263 788 448 617. You then proceed to drop off the money at any one of their booths or kiosks. The intended recipient can proceed to collect the money at any one of their booths or kiosks. They have several kiosks across Zimbabwe with recent additions in Gweru, Masvingo, Marondera, Rusape, Norton, and Joina City. You can check out their booth locations here. The transactions charges for sending money are as follows:

US$2 for sending US$1 to US$60

US$3 for sending US$61 to US$150

US$4 for sending US$151 to US$200

Bill Payments

Aside from services for sending and receiving cash, they also offer other services. For example, you can pay DSTV, electricity, Nyaradzo, utility bills; and purchase airtime and groceries. These services are available at their kiosks in Zimbabwe. Alternatively, you can have someone in the diaspora paying their loved ones’ bills back here in Zimbabwe. The convenience of paying bills using Tumai is also available in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda.

School fee payments are scheduled to come soon. This will entail someone paying their loved ones’ school fees directly to a registered educational institution. The institution in question will receive the funds directly and will be credited to the respective student’s account. This will eliminate the hassles of sending money first and the recipient has to queue for the cash-out and what nought. This would be followed by queuing again to make the school fees payment which can be hectic.

Two Options Those In The Diaspora Can Use

For those in the diaspora, there are two options to choose from in making bill payments or paying for goods and services for loved ones in Zimbabwe:

Option 1

They can pay cash to the Sending Partner or Agent. Then they select the bill, service or goods to pay for on the Sending Partner’s POS device. The bill, service, or goods will be instantly paid for in Zimbabwe. The recipient will either receive a token, voucher, or proof of payment confirming the transaction.

Option 2

They can log onto the Tumai web app or portal. They will select the bill, service or goods they want to pay for. They will proceed to make the payment using their VISA or MasterCard. The recipient will either receive a token, voucher, or proof of payment confirming the transaction.

For goods and services, they will either select and purchase them directly using a registered Tumai merchant or purchase a voucher for a certain value. For the former, the recipient, upon receiving the voucher will go to collect the purchased goods or services. For the latter, the recipient will pick goods or services tallying with the value of the voucher at a registered Tumai merchant.

You can engage them for anything via WhatsApp at +263 788 448 617. You can alternatively use the mobile app available for download on the Google Play Store. The mobile app version for iOS users is coming soon. You can also find more details on their website. Tumai is still building its service offering but so far so good. I believe they have what it takes to become a formidable brand of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond.