We are firmly in the digital era. It has become more difficult than ever to separate online and offline marketing efforts and their impact. As a result, many businesses are turning to digital but the necessary skills to execute are not widespread. If you are one with such your opportunity is in what’s called a digital agency.

Digital marketing is a new way. The proliferation of the internet and its arrival to mobile has ushered a new age in advertising and marketing. Digital is the way. But it doesn’t quite work like traditional marketing and the expertise to navigate the terrain take some learning. Digital does come with great advantages. The prospect is able to respond sometimes almost immediately.

Here are some tips that will help you get your digital agency on top.

Market yourself first

Take the opportunity to use yourself as a case study and show the world what you can do. You wouldn’t trust a tailor with torn clothes (unless that’s the design) so why trust a digital marketer who doesn’t market themselves well? So this has got to be your major selling point. One look at your own project should show people all the things you’re capable of.


Much like traditional marketing niche knowledge still counts for a lot in digital marketing. If you speak to digital who has a one size fits all approach you’re likely speaking to the wrong digital marketing. It may be digital but it’s still marketing and different businesses and industries need different approaches. So perhaps you want to specialize with creatives or artists. Maybe you can specialize in boutiques and fashion. It shouldn’t be a matter of limiting yourself to this but rather how well you cater to the specific business. Choosing the right niche will help your business grow. If you choose a growing market you’re highly likely to get referrals in that market. At the same time, you may find an underserved niche.


It’s important to have your work thought out and offer packages to your clients. Having pre-set packages helps you keep an eye on the amount of work you will do as well as being able to negotiate prices that keep you viable. Keeping packages priced based on the amount of work to be done is the best way to go. Say for example you offer social media management for $2000 per month and also offer paid ad campaigns at $3000 per month. A combined package can be offered at perhaps $4500. It’s important to communicate to prospects why they need the packages of course.


Networking another master key. I already mentioned the importance of referrals. So network within the digital marketing communities. Network within business communities. Honestly network in any communities you can. Put yourself in the view of prospects, make yourself memorable and you can win this game. Network both online and offline.

Storytelling and engagement

These two will form the basis of how well your marketing is received. People love stories. Great stories that are relatable so before you blast out another social media post telling people what you offer how about a story that tells them who you and what you’ve done. Good stories that are genuine and relatable get the best engagement and that is a second critical key of digital marketing. You wouldn’t ignore someone who came up to you on the street and commented on your work, so why would you ignore someone who does so on social media?

Track results

A lot of people make promises in marketing and media. The same is true in the digital realm. However digital does provide an advantage in the ability to track the outcomes of efforts in real time. A digital marketer who doesn’t track results and has key performance indicators built into their framework isn’t really doing much for anyone. So have results built into your engagement scope and track them. These will form the proof that you are delivering. Also clearly communicate the time horizons. Promising clients you can make them viral isn’t how to go about it. Let them know that the campaigns take time to yield tangible results.

It’s the new way of doing business and it’s becoming quite a big thing. In Zimbabwe, mass media advertising lost its popularity and a lot more focus is going into digital marketing. Apply these tips along with solid training in digital marketing and you can create a strong digital agency.