An engineering company is one which is made up of professional engineers and consultants. The most common of these firms specialise in construction, water, transportation and electrical power. These companies offer consulting and technical services to clients such as contractors, municipalities and architects. Zimbabwe does not have a shortage of these companies as the following list will demonstrate.

ZESA enterprises

ZESA enterprises, or ZENT as it is sometimes referred to, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZESA Holdings along with ZPC, ZETDC and Powertel. ZENT provides engineering solutions to the electricity sector through its four operating divisions which are namely Manufacturing, Projects, Transport and Retail. The company was incorporated in 2004 as an unregulated investment arm for its parent company to support the electricity industry. Since then, the company’s scope of operations and clientele has grown to include commerce and industry, mines, local authorities and the agricultural sector.

R. Davis & Company

Davis and Company is an engineering firm which specialises in general earth works—such as those required by companies in the mining sector—in addition to the construction and refurbishment of water supply and sewage disposal systems. R. Davis and Co. has carried out projects for governments, municipalities and leading companies in the SADC region in countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The company was founded in 1959 as a plumbing and mechanical operation which then gradually grew into the present day well-respected civil engineering contracting company.

Marmford Engineers

Marmford Engineers (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean engineering company which was incorporated in 1994. It provides electrical and mechanical engineering services to a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients. Among other services, the company provides pumping systems to municipalities and large government buildings. It also provides and installs equipment such as distribution boards, electrical switchgear and motor control centres (MCCs).

Masimba Holdings

Masimba holdings is a Zimbabwean contracting and industrial group which provides engineering services to clients in diverse sectors such as agriculture, communications, housing mining, water and transport. The group, which was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1974, is involved in road construction and earthworks, housing and other property development projects as well as structural steel fabrication. The company has been involved in the construction and renovation of structures which include airports, commercial buildings, embassies, shopping malls, industrial buildings, government buildings and medical facilities.

Bitumen World

Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated and started operating in 2012. The company started out as a blacktop surfacing business but has since grown on to become a large civil engineering and construction operation. Apart from blacktop surfacing, Bitumen World is involved in infrastructure development, road works, concrete works and the development of water and sewage reticulation systems. The company still mainly provides products and services related to road construction and repair.

Forit Contracting

Forit Contracting (Pvt) was incorporated in 1992 as building, civil and structural engineering company.  The company is classified under the CE/A Category of the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing. This is the highest grading which such a company can acquire in the ministry which also means that there is no upper limit in the value of the public sector works that can be contracted to the company. Forit owns immovable assets with a total value of more than US$35 million in addition to US$15 million worth of plant and equipment.

Chloride Zimbabwe

Chloride Zimbabwe is a manufacturer of car, industrial and solar batteries. The company also manufactures and distributes power backup systems. Solar and car batteries are manufactured under the Exide brand name while the Chloride brand is used for the standby power and the motive market (e.g. forklifts and railway locomotives). Chloride Zimbabwe also recycles its old batteries and reuses them in manufacturing new ones. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ART Holdings.

Kamatech Projects

Kamatech Projects (PVT) LTD is an electrical engineering company. The company supplies and installs electrical equipment, designs electrical systems and also does maintenance work. The company serves a wide variety of customers of all sectors and sizes which include businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, banks and offices; water and sewage works; food and beverage industries; iron and steel and the manufacturing and mining industries. The company was founded in 1998.

HPC Africa

HPC Africa Limited is a construction, electrical and renewable (solar) energy engineering company. The company designs, constructs and maintains power and electro-mechanical systems in industrial, commercial and retail environments. The company, which was first registered in Zimbabwe in 2007, is also registered and operates in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia. The company has in the past been involved in installation projects such as those for solar street lights, solar parking bays, solar cellphone towers, transformers, motor control centres, power lines and electrical cabling.


GEC is an electrical power engineering company which has been in operation since 1952. The company is involved in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesaling and servicing of both electrical and mechanical equipment which is used in the agricultural, construction, manufacturing, commercial, mining and industrial sectors. The company is part of the South African ACTOM group which in turn is partly owned by the French company ALSTOM Holdings. Some of the company’s major clients are power utilities, municipalities (water utilities), food processors, beverage manufacturers and mining companies.