Video is big right now and it will only get bigger. Improved internet speeds and device capabilities mean we have more and more people accessing video from their devices. Another big shift from a Zimbabwean perspective that will certainly contribute to the rise of video is the awarding of 6 public television broadcasting licences. Video is a big undertaking and it takes many parts to make a successful video production. It is therefore foreseeable that the increase in outlets for video productions in Zimbabwe combined with the growth of internet video will lead to increased demand for business that offer services around video. So what businesses can we build around the boom in video?


Makeup is a huge part of the film and video world. Put aside the popularity of makeup tutorials the very appearance of people on video hinges on their makeup. Advances in technology mean that cameras, even on mobile phones are picking up a lot more detail than your public broadcaster’s in-studio cameras do so a good makeup artist is a vital part of a good video presentation. Makeup for video is a little different from every day makeup and it takes more than the average makeup skills to be good enough. You can set up a business that provides makeup services for people doing video whether for tv or the internet. You will likely have to travel to them for this business to work.

Set design

Video isn’t just about people it’s also about the scenery. What our public broadcaster has shown us over the years doesn’t really pay homage to the importance of set design but watch anything from outside our borders that is worth watching and you will certainly appreciate the importance of good quality set design. This is done by people who pay attention to the smallest details and how the impact viewers. The right set creates the tone for the content. People have skills in interior decor and design have a shot at making a business of this.

Graphics and animation

For the animators and graphic artists there is also a lot of space in the world of video. Graphics and animations are used for so many things including montages, credits, transitions, title cards, ticker tape and so much more.  This is suitable for a business idea around video because it requires deep expertise but the work may not be full time. This means for an employer engaging someone for this purpose would cost too much and for the graphic artist or animator it wouldn’t be viable to continue taking short engagements. Setting up a business that does this work is the best for both sides of the market.

Equipment rental

Successful YouTube web series Wadiwa Wepamoyo was produced using hired video equipment. The reality is while advances in technology have made beginner and average video equipment more available to the ordinary person, the professional level equipment is still very expensive. As such not everybody who wants to use it can afford to own it and this is where equipment hire comes in. The idea is to hire out say the video camera, this is not providing video recording services. However you will likely find that people may also need the services in addition to the equipment. You can hire out a lot of equipment including backdrops, lighting, audio equipment and so much more.


Editing video in itself is big business. In video production what you will find is multiple takes and extra footage are taken but only a fraction of the footage captured is what you see. Video editors can make or break productions. Video editing requires powerful computing capabilities and of course the requisite editing skills. Again the work is not full time though it is time consuming. A business based on this will allow those who need video editing services to outsource the service which is a much more common practice than we think. It is not just for film and TV, even video on demand creators like Youtubers also use video editing services to get their videos looking just right.

These are some quick examples of businesses that can be built around video production. There are many more and perhaps a follow up article with more of these ideas will open up minds to more possibilities in video-related businesses.