The term social media influencer is common these days. What is a social media influencer though? A social media influencer can be defined as someone with power to influence people’s mindsets, conduct, and even decision making through social media. The power can stem from their authority, knowledge, skillset, position, or how they engage with people. They typically have a following in a particular niche in which many people actively participate. In this article I will focus on comedy-based content creators in Zimbabwe.

Types Of Social Media Influencers

There are different types of social media influencers as follows:

Mega Influencers have more than 1 million followers on one or more of their social media platforms. Macro Influencers have between 40000 and 1 million on any one or more social media platforms. Micro Influencers have anything from 1000 to 40000 followers on a social media platform.  Nano Influencers have less than 1000 followers on a social media platform but is characterized by exceptional engagements.

This list of Zimbabwean comedian social media influencers is arranged using the number of followers (whichever is the greatest between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube). We only included Zimbabwe comedians with at least 100 000 followers on social media. Here is the list of the top comedian social media influencers in Zimbabwe.

1.    Madam Boss (Tyra Chikocho)

Madam Boss Zimbabwe

Facebook:  1 million followers

Instagram: 734 000 followers

YouTube: 96 800 subscribers

Madam boss, real name Tarisai Chikocho, is an actress, comedian, gospel singer, and brand ambassador. She is the founder of Madam Boss Foundation, a charity organization helping the poor, the homeless, and the needy with groceries, clothing, and sanitary wear. She is the very first Zimbabwean comedian social media influencer to reach 1 million followers on a social media platform.

2.    Mai TT (Felistas Murata)

Mai TT Zimbabwe

Facebook: 919 000 followers

Instagram: 385 000 followers

Mai Tt, real name Felistas Murata, is a Zimbawean musician, comedian, entrepreneur, brand ambassador and fashion designer. She commands a significant following on social media. She frequently engages in charity work, helping children and standing up for abused people. She considers herself an advocate for justice, the voice of the voiceless.

3.    Comic Pastor (Prosper Ngomashi)

Comic Pastor Zimbabwe


Facebook: 423 000 followers

Instagram: 203 000 followers

YouTube: 134 000 subscribers

Comic Pastor, real name Prosper Ngomashi, is a comedian, singer, actor, brand ambassador, and master of ceremonies (MC). He the founder and owner of The Comic Pastor And Associates, an establishment with over 15 employees and associates. He released his debut album, In My Time, on the 27th of September 2021. He is the most followed male comedian social media influencer in Zimbabwe.

4.    Sabhuku Vharazipi (David Mubaiwa)

Sabhuku Vharazipi Zimbabwe

Facebook: 340 000 followers

Sabhuku Vharazipi, real name David Mubaiwa, is a popular comedian originating from Zvemahande, a rural resettlement in the mining town called Mashava. He and his team mainly produce comedy content meant to raise awareness on societal issues. They usually work in conjunction with civic society organizations. Main members of his team include Mbuya John and Chairman.

5.    Bustop TV Crew

bustop tv zimbabwe

Facebook: 322 000 followers

YouTube: 114 000 subscribers

Instagram: 317 000 followers

Twitter: 82 000 followers

Bustop TV is a broadcasting and media production company that produces comedy and satire content. They educate, entertain and provoke thought through skits, mockumentaries, and tabloid news. Main members of the team include Luckie Aaron, Sharon Chideu (Maggie), Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) and Dereck Nziyakwi (DRC).

6. Naiza Boom Comedy

Naiza Boom Zimbabwe

YouTube: 271 000 subscribers

Facebook: 174 000 followers

Naiza Boom Comedy is a media company that mainly focuses on entertainment and marketing. It is a team of actors and actresses who come up with comedy skits and short films. They are notable for being the comedian enterprise with the highest number of YouTube subscribers.

7. Lorraine Guyo

Lorraine Guyo

Instagram: 247 000 followers

Facebook: 170 000 followers

YouTube: 36 000 subscribers

Lorraine Guyo became popular through her Valentine’s Day Ndinyengeiwo video in 2019. Probably one of the most unexpected way someone rose to fame. This is especially so because she never even had intentions to spread the video. She is the CEO Braid And Weave Nation. She is an actress/, model, producer, and Brand Ambassador. She is the youngest (21 years) female social media influencer on this list.

8. Ray Vines (Melusi Chiripowako)

Ray Vines Zimbabwe

Instagram: 244 000 followers

Facebook: 187 000 followers

YouTube: 35 000 subscribers

Twitter: 32 000 followers

Ray Vines (real name Melusi Chiripowako) is a comedian, and also a musician who released an album several months ago, Ghetto To Sabhabha. He is a Computer Science student at Midlands State University. He is the CEO of Mukukuzvi, a brand of several enterprises. He is into farming, media, and also has a podcast. He is the youngest (aged 21) social media influencer on this list and also quite versatile.

9. Nigel Tha Slick Pastor (Nigel Maritinyu)

Nigel Tha Slick Pastor

Facebook: 236 000 followers

Instagram: 80 000 followers

YouTube: 68 000 subscribers

Nigel Tha Slick Pastor (real name Nigel Maritinyu) is an actor, motivational speaker, comedian, and master of ceremonies (MC). He is also the founder of owner of the Komborerwai Nashe brand. Under that brand he sells branded hoodies, sweaters, temperature bags, t-shirts, mugs, and juice bottles.


10.  Anna “Chibaby” Honde

Anna Chibaby Honde

Facebook: 186 000 followers

Instagram: 79 000 followers

Anna Honde comes in with a certain unorthodox yet hilarious and unique approach to comedy content creation. She is an actress, a dancer, a comedian and also a Brand Ambassador.

11. PO Box Reloaded

PO Box Reloaded

Facebook: 182 000 followers

It is a media production company dealing in comic skits and mockumentaries. The main members of the team are Admire Kuzhangaira (Bhutisi) and Rolland Lunga (Kedha).

12. “Queen” Tatelicious Karigambe

Queen Tatelicious Karigambe

Facebook: 181 000 followers

Instagram: 48 000 followers

Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg is a Sweden-based Zimbabwean socialite, musician, Human Rights activist for LGBTIQ and HIV & AIDS issues and she is one of the first Zimbabwean transgender women to go public. She is one of the most controversial social media influencer in Zimbabwe.

13. Long John The Comedian (Learnmore Mwanyenyeka)

Long John The Comedian

Facebook: 100 000 followers

Long John (real name Learnmore Mwanyenyeka) is a multi-award winning comedian. He is the recipient of a number of awards namely, Steve Harvey Spotlight Award, Savanna Pan African Comedian, NAMA Outstanding Comedian.

These are the top 13 comedian social media influencers in Zimbabwe. As a startup or business these are some of the choices to consider for influencer marketing. The fact that most of them are approached by marketers and are even brand ambassadors speaks for itself. Influencer marketing is now one of the biggest focuses of enterprises’ marketing strategies.