Off lately, it would seem that startup entrepreneurs are heeding to the call to embrace the digital space. I mean there is no better moment or time than these times we are in where the consumption of online has experienced a sharp increase perhaps because of the Covid-19 restrictions. While this is the case, social media presence must ultimately result in a positive stimulatory effect on a company`s cash flow. Yes, this is so because captivating online presence comes with relative cost production where these expenses should be seen as necessary investments, mostly in marketing. Naturally, all marketing efforts should bring in some traction in the balance sheet hence in this article, I look at some important elements to aid you in your online presence to bring in the desired results for your business.

Facebook Platform Fundamentals To Know

While one might assume that everyone knows the fundamentals of setting up a Facebook page, it will be interesting to note just how most Facebook users struggle to fully grasp the basics. So, when you create your Facebook page with your account, your personal information will not appear on your created page but you will need to specifically classify the category of your business. Categories can either be a business, community or public figure and in this case, we opt for the business category. The second most important thing is having your branded images designed in the right sizes. With sizes most people usually get it wrong so, for profile picture, the size is 170 x 170 pixels, your cover photo size is 720 x 315 pixels, your timeline photos should be within 1200 x 630 pixels and 600 x 315 pixels. It is always recommended that when you upload your images they should either be in Jpg or Png file formats as these guards against image compression and distortion.

That information you will input onto your page be as accurate as possible. This applies to the description to your business which has to be as concise as possible. Making sure that you also make an effort to highlight any other extra information which you think is necessary for your customers. Having completed these, it is imperative that you add a call to action button and this is important. You always want to direct your visitors to some action which can either be making an online purchase, booking your services or even giving you a direct call. Therefore ensure that you add a call to action button and this will ensure that your prospective customers engage with your business.

Generate Engaging Facebook Content

As you commence to generate content for your new Facebook page you should acquaint yourself with information as to how people behave when they surf through the internet. In this regard, you should know that time is increasingly becoming a scarce resource for many people while distractions are increasingly looming. Resultantly, the attention span for an average individual is on a downward trend where ironically there is a lot of information to consume. Therefore, there is a growing need for one to generate with Facebook content designed with attention to these factors.

Fortunate enough Facebook offers diverse types of posts all of which serve different purposes all of which add in making your posts as engaging as possible. Below are some of the different types of posts which you can make use of as you upload your page content.

Facebook Photo Posts

A Facebook photo post features a picture posted on your page timeline. Worth noting is the fact that photo posts are designed to build more awareness or spark engagement amongst your audience. Depending on the nature of your business, photos can be used as a great way to show off your products. High-quality photos will go a long way in creating that captivating visual appeal which aids in attracting and keeping followership. The importance of using original photos should also be underscored as this adds to your originality and insightfulness. In some instances, you might want to use a photo you saw elsewhere and here the issue relating to copying right laws should be paid attention to.

Facebook Video Post

This post type is compelling especially in instances where a dynamic visual appeal is crucial in marketing your product/service. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that being brief and precise is key when it comes to online motion visual content. Keep your videos as short as they should be. However, the length of your video is largely dependent on the nature of your marketing strategy. Longer video posts come as better where you intend to have an ongoing series as a marketing tool.

Facebook Live Video Post

This can be useful whereas a startup you are launching a new product or service and you want to announce in real-time. Just to estimate the impact of the Facebook live feature, findings have it that about 2 billion people have used the feature in the first year of its launch. From the captured experiences it emerges that this feature allows for customers to have an appreciation of what transpires behind the scenes to your company. Further to this, this feature allows for customers to engage with personalities in your business as well.

Linked Content Facebook Post

This is the type of post that you would want to use where you also have a website. A linked content Facebook post works in so far as you want to link your website content onto your page. Also, you can use it with other sources of information relevant to your business which is outside Facebook. Therefore, to generate such a post you copy the link of the post from the external source or your website and paste it onto your status box. Facebook will automatically create a linked post for you.

The list of different types of posts you can use is virtually endless. What stands out as crucial is that you should know the various types of posts and how they can help you create an appealing and engaging Facebook page for your business. All these will work towards improving your marketing efforts on Facebook.