For those of you who have been doing online trading locally, you would have an idea of what the ZSE is all about. ZSE stands for Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Years back, trading on the ZSE was an uphill task up until the C-Trade platform was established. That platform has effectively made it easier for anyone to trade on the ZSE. C-Trade makes it possible for one to buys and sells stocks on the ZSE starting from very little amounts (as low as ZWL$100). You can even use your EcoCash, One Money or TeleCash wallet to do the transactions. Great as that may all be, the ZSE is currently working on yet another online trading platform. It is most probable that it will be a great platform given how convenient C-Trade is.

Why Is It Important To Buy And Sell Shares?

So many people shy away from engaging in online trading. Mostly it is due to a notion that it is too technical and a preserve of certain classes of individuals. However, this is for anyone and with some diligent research and study, it can be fully grasped. Creation of wealth is something many people yearn for but few go down that road. Often time people prefer microwave approaches where they want to make a quick buck. This is also one of the reasons why most people do not like to buy and sell shares. Why? It is because buying and selling shares is a long term investment whose returns can take years to show.

This is also coupled with the risk factor involved – in principle it is possible to lose out if you pick the wrong stocks. However, if you play your cards well, you can create wealth and maintain the true value of your money invested and the returns. This is all akin to making your money work for you. So I would encourage you to take a shot at this BUT after having done your homework first.

A Brief Overview Of C-Trade

To put things into perspective let me first take you through what C-Trade is. C-Trade is a local online platform where people can buy or sell shares (also known as stocks). You can do this either from your PC or your mobile devices. You can even use ordinary phones to trade via USSD. Their website and mobile app are also avenues through which you can do your trading. The great thing about all this is that you can register and start trading without having to visit any physical office. This is the first-ever local platform of its kind and it has opened doors for anyone to buy and sell shares.

A Look At The Upcoming Platform

The new platform is going to have some tweaks and additional features that are not on the C-Trade platform. For instance, The C-Trade platform has a somewhat complicated signing up process. Just by getting onto the website for the first time might be very intimidating. The new platform will have a more simplistic and easy-to-understand interface. This will make it easy for those engaging in this for the first time to sail through smoothly. There will be explanatory notes to guide first-time investors through. The new platform will also make it possible for investors to see summaries of, for instance, the total number of shares they acquired over time. There shall also be a way for stockbrokers to validate clients that will be trading under their names. This will be instrumental in curbing the possibilities of fraudulent activities such as money laundering. They are also going to use the new platform to hypothesize certain scenarios to evaluate marketing approaches.

Over and above this, buying and selling shares will become much easier to understand due to educational support services that the ZSE is offering. For some time now, the ZSE has been providing online courses meant to capacitate novices to start buying and selling shares.

Just like C-Trade, the new platform will be available as a web application. Eventually, it will become available as a mobile application too. The scheduled release of the new platform will be sometime in July.