One thing that has been bemoaned by many readers in our coverage is the lack of Zimbabwean literary works. The fact of the matter is Zimbabwean non-fiction work is scarce. Even more scarce is Zimbabwean non-fiction work that does not feel derivative of globally recognised works.  It gives me great pleasure to not only say that we found and read a great Zimbabwean book on matters of personal Finance but to also couple our book review with a giveaway of 5 copies of The Personal Finance Game Plan by Shalom Govero.

Shalom Govero

Shalom Govero is an established financial literacy trainer who you can find on Facebook, Twitter and her website. Shalom Govero is the Founder & Financial Education Trainer at TheFinanceWiz. Over 1000 participants have engaged with her training on various platforms in Zimbabwe and the region. Shalom is also a trained e-facilitator, a co-host for a local radio money show, and a coach for various business women networks. She is a member of the Global Shapers Harare Hub leading the Financial Literacy team. Her articles have been featured in publications such as The Sunday Mail, Bulawayo24, and the ILO Social Finance page. Shalom is also a business entrepreneur, running several family businesses. With a wealth of experience working on the ground, Shalom thought to share her practical perspective through her maiden book.

The Personal Finance Game Plan

I have a strange tendency to hesitate when it comes to starting a book because of how much time I think it will take. This says nothing about how much I will enjoy the book. And after my initial hesitation, I opened the Personal Finance Game Plan to realise it is a short book. Govero uses stories and this is perhaps my favourite part of this book. As human beings we understand facts but we relate to stories and the difference between those two words is huge. Even more so when we are talking about principles and ideas we would like to apply in our own personal finance journeys. Another element I absolutely loved was that the author leans heavily on principles and ideas. While most would be looking for methods (how-to guides and lists) the pursuit of the ability to identify, evaluate and even create your own methods is much more valuable.


By now it should be obvious to you that I recommend this book. Who do I recommend it for? A simple answer would be everyone who takes their personal finances seriously. A more accurate answer would point out that the book is written to be inclusive. Whether you are frustrated with the state of your finances and have just decided you want to do something to change them or you have started your journey to controlling your finances and want a refresher on important principles. The same goes for personal finance experts, there is a lot to be gained from this book by all. Realistically in any pursuit beginners and experts do the same things. By focusing on principles the book can be understood by all readers from their own level and help them reach for the next one. This book I would suggest is also eligible for re-reading.

Where you can get it?

To get The Personal Finance Game Plan, follow the links below.

The ebook is $3 or $360zwl
The printed copy is $5 or $600zwl

Zimbabwean buyers (system takes Ecocash, one money and Zimswitch)

International buyers

To buy physical copies with cash:

1. Olive Branch Pharmacy, Cnr Blakiston and Chinamano, Harare

2. Crystal Gates Shop at Westgate shops, Harare

3. IBS Gift Shop pick up only
Number 8 upstairs
Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre


The part you have all been waiting for is here! We have purchased 5 copies of the Personal Finance Game Plan which we will be giving away to 5 lucky readers. All you have to do is comment and tell us your biggest personal finance problems or questions. Make sure you share the post after commenting and that you follow Startupbiz on at least one of our platforms. For ease of contact we encourage leaving your phone number as well. The competition will run until Friday 29th May with winners being announced  Monday the 31st of May. The competition is open to people all across the world however if you require a physical copy of the Personal Finance Game Plan you will have to arrange collection in Harare or shipping and handling to your location.

You can catch Shalom Govero on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as The Finance Wiz website.