While many claim to have made it in business without a formal education you are much better off with it if you have the chance to get it. For many that avenue is through a university degree. If you’ve been wondering which are the best degrees available at an undergraduate level in the areas of business and commerce we have a few suggestions for you.

Defining the best

There’s the little problem of what exactly one means when they say the best degree. For this discussion, we are looking at degree programs that best equip for the real business world. While academia encourages people to specialise operating in business in real life is multidisciplinary and about having a wider scope than deeper knowledge. To add to this successful people and organisations in business become so based on how well they execute the fundamentals daily rather than how well they execute extremely complex tasks once a month.  So with all these things in mind let us list some great commercial undergraduate degrees.

Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce degree just does not get the respect it deserves. What makes this degree the best is its versatility in specialisations. The specialisations will allow you to focus on a specific area while the core of the degree introduces you to an overview of the business terrain and what you need to know. In some institutions, the degree is structured such that you can specialise in two areas in combination and this is highly recommended though not always easy.  The most popular B Comm specialisation areas are Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Hospitality, Marketing and Information systems. What makes the B Comm a great degree is also that you can find it at just about any institution that includes big Universities such as the University of Zimbabwe, National University of Science and Technology while also finding it at other universities such as Midlands State, Africa University and other private universities.

Bachelor of Accounting

The Bachelor of Accounting degree offers those who are certain about accounting as their vocation the best pathway. It is a formidable degree and well recognised but places just under the bachelor of Commerce with an accounting major in terms of being a great degree. This may not be apparent at the outset but as you progress with postgraduate and professional qualifications it will become apparent. The Bachelor of Accounting degree is offered at universities such as the University of Zimbabwe and Africa University.

Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of Business studies mirrors the Bachelor of Commerce in being a wide-ranging business degree that offers specialisations in areas such as Banking, Finance, Human Resources and marketing. Business studies is for the generalist looking to work in a function within a business as opposed to the deeper looking degrees which cater to people who want to work in specialist roles. That said nobody said nobody knows what the future holds especially in an economy like Zimbabwe. Business studies is offered by the University of Zimbabwe and Africa University among others.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

For those aspiring for roles as analysts or with greater economic applications the bachelor of Science in Economics degree is a great pick. The degree focuses lees on the mundane drudgery of business and more on broad analytical abilities involved in understanding economics. The degrees covers both macroeconomics and microeconomics in depth.  The degree is best suited for those who see themselves in analytical roles in banks, risk management, financial services providers, insurance companies and the like. This degree is offered at Africa University.

For those wondering which degree will prepare you best for the employment world a roughly accurate answer is none of them. That is to say, only the world of employment or entrepreneurship for that matter can prepare you for itself. These degree programs are about equipping you with sound knowledge of the fundamentals and these are the best to do this for you in Zimbabwe.