We live in an email dominated world especially in the realm of business. Email remains the standard for passing around important documents such as invoices, statements and notices. As such you’d be interested in getting the best email experience wherever you access your email from. So whichever provider you use we are going to look at the best email access clients for the various devices and platforms.


For those willing to spring on the license or the annual subscription Outlook is still a reputable email client app. I thought to start with it on this list because it will be familiar to many. If you’re familiar with other applications in the Microsoft Office Suite you will lean towards Outlook as it is familiar. It runs well on Windows, Android and Apple devices. What Outlook struggles with is self-hosted email and that prevents it from being the recommended solution. It works well with providers like Gmail though.


Bluemail is the one that I would recommend if anybody needed an email client. Bluemail is smooth and handles many different providers well. Even your self hosted email accounts will work like a charm on Windows, Android, Apple and Linux devices. You will hardly find a more flexible email client and the interface is clean but has some familiarity with interfaces like Outlook which many are familiar with.

Windows mail

Applications that come built into systems are usually hard to recommend. Perhaps Microsoft has it worse with the years they shoved internet explorer down our throats despite it being far behind browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. So it’s a bit odd for me to recommend Windows mail but it is a credible email client. It handles the sometimes difficult self-hosted emails very well and best of all it comes built into your Windows 10 and 11.


Thunderbird is an open-source mail client and organiser that was created on the back of the success of the open-source browser Mozilla Firefox by the Mozilla Foundation. If you want to do more than just email then Thunderbird is the one for you. Thanks to the open-source concept there are many developer created extensions and applets that make Thunderbird capable of doing more than just about any other email client. The downside of Thunderbird is that it is only available for computers running Windows or Linux but not for mobile devices running Android and iOS.


If you like your email simple and light then Aquamail may just be the best one for you. Aquamail works without complicating the process with extra bells and whistles. You will find a smooth experience with Aquamail which is great if you need it for viewing mail on the go – as is the norm these days. You will find Aquamail on Windows and Android but sadly not available on iOS devices. There is a free and pro version with the pro version allowing more customisation.


In addition to being one of the most popular providers, Gmail also has a pretty good email client. You can use it to access Gmail based emails as well as other self-hosted emails. Gmail is rather unique in its approach to email. That doesn’t make it a bad email client but means it may take some getting used to. Of course, Gmail is so popular a minority of email users would be unfamiliar with it.

eM Client

EM Client provides a user-friendly approach to many of the features we have become accustomed to seeing in email clients. It includes features such as calendar management, tasks, meetings and notes all in one. You will find it available for Windows and macOS.


Mailspring claims to be the best email client but there are a few reasons why we should take these claims seriously. Mailspring provides a smooth and clean largely familiar interface but it doesn’t stop at good looks. With Mailspring you get extensions that enable it to do a wide variety of things. It supports self-hosted emails very well. You will find Mailspring for Windows, Linux and macOS.


Newton is a very popular email client and unlike many that claim to be the best, it is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and even ChromeOS. It is truly multidisciplinary and offers an experience that beats the native Gmail app. If you’re a Gmail user who wants to try something else you should have a look at Newton. Newton is also a credible email provider.

If you’re not enjoying your email experience on your device then you may want to give one of these apps a try. I lean towards the ones that are available across multiple platforms as I use devices across many different platforms. It also feels good when you get a similar experience across devices.