Entrepreneur Profile

Name: Martin Moyo

Title: CEO

Company: National Diverse Groups

Years In Business: 2 yrs

Business Location: 104 Great Britain, Turffontein , Johannesburg, South Africa

Number Of Employees: 5

Services: Litho Printing, Screen printing, Digital Printing, Graphic Designing, Branding and Promotional Gifts

Website: www.ndgroups.co.za


Mr Moyo

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: Tell us your name, tell us about your business, and where you are operating from.

Mr Moyo: Thank you very much for your time. My name is Martin Moyo, from Matebeleland North (Nkayi). I run a printing business, and operating from South Africa.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: How did you get started in this business? How did you raise the start up capital?

Mr Moyo: I came to South Africa as a border jumper and struggled like any other Zimbabwean in the country. From 2006-2008 I was working as an assistant builder, but it was not what I wanted. This made me to save very hard and sometimes I would not eat or send money home as I was trying to save money to open something for myself. Luckily in August 2008, my cousin who was working for a printing company told me there was a post for machine minder in their company. He was the department manager and he advised me to take the offer. I fell in love with printing, even when I was young I used to draw pictures a lot. When I was doing the printing job I realized that’s where I fit.

After some years enjoying printing the CEO of the company asked if I can do Sales and Marketing! I was like Boss are you serious! He said yes try it, I can see you have the potential of bringing business for us, and also clients love how you operate. From then it was like I was born in printing.

In 2013 one of my clients asked if I can register a company because he can see that I am very good at my work. I could not believe that a multimillionaire can wish to do business with me but I said if God opens doors no one can close. So with my savings I took some money to go and register a company. That one client approached me and he gave me a first order of R10 000 to see if I can supply. This was not easy because I did not have any equipment so outsourcing was the solution. But with God things went very well and I delivered within 5 working days. After my first delivery orders were just flowing in. This one client referred my company to more than 20 clients. More info visit our Website www.ndgroups.co.za

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: That is very inspiring. What are some of the challenges you face in the printing sector? And how do you overcome some of the challenges?

Mr Moyo: Printing is very challenging especially if you do not have equipment. Sometimes you get clients that work on a three system quote and they will evaluate your price against other suppliers, so this is the most challenging area. To win here as a supplier you need to be more specific when quoting such that your client can really understand and believe that you are going to produce quality product. Money is not the case but good quality is the key as the same product will sell itself to other clients who would have loved your product.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: How do you market your business? How do you find new customers? What do you do to make sure they become return customers?

Mr Moyo: Marketing is very easy if you know what you are doing.
(a) the business must have an attracting website that consists of all information that buyers/clients need e.g price list and products.
(b) Visit Expos where buyers and sellers meet and issue out your Business profiles, flyers and business cards as these (three) will make a buyer believe he/she is buying from a professional supplier.
(c) If you meet some potential clients try to sell you business as fast as you can e.g having samples of previous jobs will convince any buyer to phone you whenever they need similar product.


At work

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: What advice would you give to others who are planning to go into business in the printing sector?

Mr Moyo: My advice to guys out there is that please you need to plan this very carefully before you get into the printing sector. Printing business is not easy to run. You will sometimes face strict deadlines and time frames. If you agree to deliver within the short time frames and then fail, your reputation will be ruined, as some clients don’t accept any excuses on delays. So try not to put yourself into such circumstances.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: What advice would you give to the millions of Zimbabweans who are complaining about the hard economic conditions in the country?

Martin Moyo: I know most of our friends and families always say economy is not good in our country but let’s not sit doing nothing and just say things will change tomorrow. Our people need to stand up and fight this poverty by planning ahead and create jobs for our youths. Imagine if we can have 10 youths per month starting businesses and each business employ 5 youths, in a year we can have at least 600 permanent working youths and this is a big change in our country’s economy. Together we can win!

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: Isn’t it difficult to operate a business in a foreign land?

Mr Moyo: It is because there are some challenges we face sometimes, but clients buy quality not company ownership.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

Mr Moyo: You know since this business was established 2014, I always see it becoming one of the leading service provider in the Southern African countries.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: Tell us more about your business, the services you offer, and how can our readers get in touch with you if they want your services.

Mr Moyo: National Diverse Groups is a 100% black owned printing company based in South Africa and offers printing services such as Litho Printing, Screen printing, Digital Printing, Graphic Designing, Branding and Promotional Gifts. For those who want to use NDG and experience our great service, you can contact us: Tel +2711 058 1008 or +2773 933 6085, Email: martin@ndgroups.co.za or info@ndgroups.co.za, Web: www.ndgroups.co.za

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: What is your advice to other Zimbabweans in the disapora?

Mr Moyo: My advice is that our youths must stand up and do what they are good at. Other people can think maybe I graduated to do this but I don’t have even 5 O’levels. With passion and knowing that I was not born to be poor I fought for this to happen, so guys out there we can change our lives by following our hearts.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe: What are your last words to our readers, and your advice to all entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe?

Mr Moyo: To Zimbabwe youths I say there are a lot of opportunities out there, so let’s grab them and change our economy! To the entrepreneurs, guys let’s keep the wheels rolling; I know it’s hard sometimes but we can face and win all the battles ahead.


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