Prices have been relatively somewhat stable for a while, thanks to the US dollar. This is because inflation has not been rapidly spiking as was the case not too long ago. Month on month inflation is currently around 2.76 per cent whereas year on year inflation stands at roughly 192 per cent. Still undesirably high but not like it used to. At some point around the 2019 year on year, inflation was in the regions of 300 or so per cent. Anyways, inflation seems to be slightly gaining again; we will see how the year progresses. In this article, I shall be looking at the latest TelOne ADSL prices. The current prices are still those that were effective 6 September last year.

Residential Packages

Capped Broadband

PackagePriceDownload Cap
Home BasicZWL$1082US$1210GB
Home ExtraZWL$1190US$1415GB (60 Days)
Home SurferZWL$3928US$47100GB
Home Basic NightZWL$1407US$1620GB
Home Premier NightZWL$4004US$4860GB
Infinity ProZWL$6602US$79500GB
Home Plus NightZWL$2381US$2860GB
Home BoostZWL$4545US$54200GB
Home PlusZWL$1840US$2230GB
Home PremierZWL$3139US$3760GB


Uncapped Broadband

PackagePriceMax Speed
Infinity SupremeZWL$11255US$13420Mbps
Intense ExtraZWL$15043US$18050Mbps

Satellite Broadband

Ka-Band Home

Consumer Packages

(ZIM Connect)   
Home 15ZWL$5110US$6115GB
Home 20ZWL$7538US$9020GB
Home 25ZWL$12481US$14925GB
Home 35ZWL$17255US$20635GB
Home 40ZWL$21109US$25240GB
Home 50ZWL$25130US$30050GB


Room For Improvement…

There have been many complaints lately regarding the quality of service by TelOne. Taking time to attend to faults or breakdowns seems to be something many are complaining about. The other issue is on the FUP aspect that users feel is being abused as a scapegoat for poor service. FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy. You can understand more about TelOne’s FUP by visiting their website.

Anyways, what it basically stipulates is that though a product is termed as unlimited TelOne sets a fair use limit as to their discretion of service provision. That is where the bone of contention is as users are complaining that some packages never even get to speeds of 1Mbps. These are some of the areas that need to be addressed. TelOne does have what it takes to become the market leader so they must work on improving things on their end.

The Need For Internet Services Can Only Spike…

With the lockdown scenarios now commonplace teleworking and just general use of the internet can only go up. This is something that TelOne must leverage on. I recall that when TelOne started on the broadband journey they were exceptional. People even preferred them to other players. However, over time things have gradually shifted. I am not sure if it is being overwhelmed by the size of the clientele; maybe it is the issue. Now is the time to offer even greater service excellence because the demand for internet services is growing. After all, TelOne does have highly competitive package prices, the best actually – they must build on that.

Interesting Theory…

Some people have theorized that they could be silently pulling strings to cause people to migrate to fiber. The thing is; ADSL users are the ones that seem to encounter more challenges from time to time. So some people think it could be deliberate sabotage by TelOne on that end so that users consider migrating to fibre. I am not quite sure how plausible that theory is though, what do you think?

For more information on other products and services that TelOne offers you can visit their website here. Basically, the range of the products includes dedicated internet service, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), Ka-Band, enterprise Ka-Band, TelOne voice, and C Band. Services include networking services, retail solutions, a virtual private network (VPN), and cloud services, amongst others. They also offer eSpace Unified Solutions.