Finding a market for your business or startup can be problematic at times. The irony at times is that the market is there but you just do not know where it is. I believe that for as long as you have a great product or service there will be a market for it. The types of markets out there are different. There are particular types of markets that are to some extent like events. For instance, some marketplaces can be put up at particular spots on the final day of a month and the first day of the next. These tend to be markets or events that draw scores of people to one place at particular times. In this article, I get to share with you some of such markets or events.

Amanzi Market

This is a market space you can tap into every Friday between 0900hrs and 12 noon. It is held at Amanzi Restaurant situated on Enterprise Road. There is a big garden space that is used for this event. The basic idea behind this market is to promote locally-made Zimbabwean fresh food. When talking of fresh foods we are dealing with an infinite array of foods. At this market, you get to see a wide range of homemade food products. If you are into the making of such fresh food products this can be the perfect marketing opportunity for you. You can contact +263 242 497768 for more information.

Pomona Farmers’ Market

This is a marketplace for fruits and vegetables – fresh and local farmers’ produce. You can get in touch on +263 787 557 841 to get more information. It is situated along Harare Drive. There are many agribusinesses you will find there. Recently I wrote an article on 160 Hydro Farm – you can find it at Pomona Farmer’s Market. I also wrote another one on Hutano Foods – you can also find it at Pomona Farmer’s Market. So it is a great place to showcase your agribusiness or startup.

Market At Queen

This one is hosted by a restaurant called Queen of Hearts situated in Highlands. You will find it at Number 1, Hurworth Road. It is held monthly (i.e. last Sunday of every month); running from 0900hrs to 1600hrs. This is a market platform for food lovers. Products that get to be showcased here are meals. Thus caterers can use this platform to showcase their products. The event also comes with live entertainment and other fun activities.

Maasdorp Avenue Market

Situated in Belgravia, this is a food market. It brings together a wide spectrum of businesses dealing with different types of foods. Some of the common categories of foods you will find there are fruits, vegetables, poultry, nuts, preserves, and many more. The venue also has a great open space ideal for picnics such that you can enjoy some of the food there. This event or market is held every Wednesday and Saturday from 0900hrs to 12 noon. You can contact +263 774 502 607 for more information.

Trade Fairs And Agricultural Shows

The most notable trade fair in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). It is the leading exhibition event in Zimbabwe. Businesses and startups from all facets get to showcase their products and services annually at this event. For more information can contact +263292884911-6 or email There are also agricultural shows that are held on provincial levels as well. These are annual events that offer market opportunities not always available.

The list could be infinite if I were to do a province by province approach. Actually, there are markets or events of this nature in almost every town or city. The idea was to share with you some of the notable ones you can explore. The beauty of such markets or events is that you get exposure for your business or startup easily with lesser costs. You simply pay to showcase your stuff but the prospective customers will converge where you will be. That is why it is strategic to get involved at such platforms to get your enterprise noticed. This can also serve as inspiration for others to establish such markets or events. That would be a lucrative business idea because many places need such platforms.