Dogs are one of the most popular pets worldwide. Dogs are multipurpose which makes them a domestic pet of choice. I can manage to keep a dog though I prefer a cat more. Anyways, there is an ever-present demand for dogs. Both existing and new home or property owners are usually looking to purchase a dog. Especially with rising cases of theft in Zimbabwe, dogs are becoming highly sought after. This creates an opportunity to make money from dog breeding. Traditionally, dog breeding in Zimbabwe used to be the preserve of vet companies. That has since changed over the years with almost anyone now being able to breed dogs. In this article, I am breaking down how you can start a dog breeding business in Zimbabwe.


Starting a dog breeding business should be informed by your niching choice. Do you want to breed dogs for use as family pets or working dogs, for example? Of course, the easiest niche is breeding dogs for use as family pets. This is the most common in Zimbabwe. If you are starting I would urge you to start with that. Other niches might require more specialist training. You also have to consider which breeds you will specialize in. Breeds like Chihuahuas are common as pets for ladies. Then breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweilers are perfect as family pets. This is because of their size, ability to safeguard territories, and their obedient natures.

One of the most common dog breeds in Zimbabwe is the Boerboel. I have just mentioned a few examples but there are many. Do your homework to find out which breeds are most sought after. You can start by purchasing the dogs you will use for breeding. You can purchase mature dogs or you can purchase puppies and start from there. Instead of purchasing say, a male dog, you can pay to use someone’s male dog for mating. Some exclusively focus on this as their dog breeding business. As in, they will just be getting their male dog hired for mating purposes. That is less demanding and less costly as well.

Human And Financial Capital

Dog breeding is not particularly labour-intensive; one person can handle the daily management processes. However, when the operating capacity becomes high, more hands will be needed. Imagine if you are breeding 10 or more dogs that will demand more hands-on deck. Dog breeding can require significant amounts of capital, depending on the scale of course. In general, dog breeding is a high-maintenance line of business. You will need capital to source the dogs to start with, for the housing of the dogs, vaccinations, pests and disease control, dog food, working equipment, accessories, and more.

Important Considerations

Insurance is paramount in a dog breeding business, just like any business. It will help cushion you against any incidences that might damage your dogs, the premises, and so on. It is advised to not cut corners when breeding dogs. There is a general tendency to speed breed to sell sooner. This can lead to both health and temperamental shortcomings in the dogs you produce. For example, you can end up with dogs that easily fall sick and die. In some cases, you can end up selling dogs that have aggressive behaviour.

On shortcuts, some do not feed their dogs properly. It is advised to ensure the protein content is high. The other issue is getting licensed as a dog breeder. Most dog breeders in Zimbabwe are not licensed. However, it would be wise to get licensed; local authorities can provide you with the necessary guidance. This will boost your brand image plus it will condition you to use best practices. The other key to success in dog breeding is closely working with veterinary service providers.


The prospects are huge and the market is growing. The amount of money you can fetch from pure-bred can span from an average of US$350 going up. I have often seen some people thinking that is too much to pay for a puppy. Truth is, well-bred pure breeds, especially sought-after dog breeds can cost so much. For those owning a male that they hire out for mating, you can charge at least US$40 per mating. If you want to enhance your prospects, study and research more about dog breeding. You will learn some things that will set you apart.

There you have it; that is how you go about starting your own dog breeding business in Zimbabwe. Most people I know who do dog breeding started it out as a hobby. For some, it was a chance encounter where they realized they could make money from this. So it is a business that almost anyone can do. It just needs you to be willing to research and study on how to effectively breed dogs. Whilst most dog breeders do it informally, you can formalize your operations. That can open up more doors for you that you never thought possible.