First of all, do not be taken aback by the terminology or title Digital Customer-Centric Consultancy. It might sound fancy or technical but you might find that you already have the skillset for that business. One of my delights is to take you through processes of how you can start well-known businesses. At times, like I am doing now, I get to also let you in on some cool business idea that you might have never thought of. As you go through this article you will realize that you might end up titling this business differently – especially given that your approach might be different.

A Little Bit Of Background

When you take a look at most businesses you will notice that most are not yet fully active digitally. You will notice that most businesses are not even that acquainted with the dynamics of turning their business into a digital operation. However, it is now imperative to operate digitally, as in, to be online (e.g. websites and social media). Some businesses have set up some profiles online but they still learning the ropes or they are just overwhelmed by the workload. Some have limitations stemming from not having dedicated staff for running those online platforms. To get around this some of such businesses have employed the use of bots but that can only go so far.

In some cases, the businesses are rapidly growing and therefore failing to keep up with the ever-increasing pressure. Then, as I hinted on earlier, some businesses are absent from the online world – they are not on any platform. All these scenarios, when carefully mused on, show you that there is a business idea that can come out of all this. Remember, entrepreneurship is coming up with a monetizable solution to a human need – all the above-mentioned scenarios are riddled with human needs.

Let Us Conceptualize

When you look at the scenarios from earlier they all boil down to customer service. Customer service is a front on which many local businesses are failing dismally. I am talking of even those with a well-established online presence. Your business idea can then be premised on wanting to help businesses effectively handle their online platforms. I am referring to things like social media management – which is a very broad field. This means you could be offering services to handle their social media accounts e.g. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

Email marketing can also come into the fold where you will be handling all their email correspondences with customers. You see, most businesses do not timeously and always respond to messages online from customers. Just imagine the possibilities you can unlock by building such a business. So this is a good place for me to get into some approaches and key things to consider.

Approaches And Key Considerations

I have somewhat hinted on the approaches you can adopt for this kind of business. Let you creative mind run wild but base your approaches on research. Dynamics you might see at play in other countries might not be reproducible here – never assume! I will give an example, boosting posts on social media is crucial for wider reaches due to limitations of organic growth. Here is where it gets tricky, not many people have FCA accounts so that they can make Visa Card or MasterCard payments. This means in setting up such a business you will need to set up such an account.

Do not bite off more than you can chew. The natural inclination is to want to come off as an all-rounder but this might not be the best idea. You can work towards the best service provider regarding consultancy in all matters Facebook for starters. You can then scale to add other platforms over time. It is not rocket science – you can learn how to be a guru on these platforms online. I would encourage you to start with your platforms so that you put things to test before using them in offering services to businesses. Oh, by the way, your target market of choice should be small to medium-sized businesses. These are most likely businesses with issues that I highlighted earlier i.e. those scenarios.

Key Requirements

Not much is needed which is why this line of business is a good fit. You just need to ensure you have at a mobile smartphone, a laptop and reliable internet connection. Then, of course, you must acquire as much knowledge as you can in areas you want to offer services for. Some of the things you must know about are search engine optimization, Google Adsense, keywords, content creation and management, analytics, and so on. There is a wealth of knowledge on these domains online – always learn and learn.

This is a business idea laden with infinite prospects. As a nation, we have only just scratched the surface when it comes to these things. If you start now you are well-poised to become a powerhouse in this line of business.