When encouraging people to start small businesses, the suggestions lean heavily if not totally toward goods businesses. However, there are many service business ideas that you can start and find great success in, perhaps even more than goods businesses. Ideas such as social media management, web design, delivery services and transportation quickly come to mind and have been discussed before in different capacities on this platform. We’re going to look at a few more service business ideas that can work very well in Zimbabwe.

Adventure tours

We’ll start here because this is a proven business that is working very well. Location does play a big part in making the business work but the service you offer here is showing people around a town or location. While the mind rushes to show people around places like Victoria Falls and Chinhoyi Caves your city or town is still an adventure to a tourist when packaged right.

Mobile massage

Everybody loves a little pampering and some people are in dire need of it. While we would all love to live the influencer lifestyle and visit the massage parlour on a Tuesday afternoon life doesn’t allow us to. That doesn’t mean it’s out of reach though. Mobile massage can deliver 30-minute lunchtime massages to those in dire need. You can visit homes and offices to provide people with quality massage services.

Personal chef

Just like with massages, if you have great cooking skills there are ways for them to be appreciated in personal environments too. Becoming a private chef is not only an exciting but a rewarding service business. Make no bones about it though, you will work your way up in this world. However, good cooking is good cooking and the intimacy helps to cater the food to the customer down to the finest details.

Resume writing/editing

Resume or CV writing is an established service business. The terrain has been massively changed by the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and most importantly LinkedIn in the employment and recruitment search. To be effective in today’s world you will need a grasp on those matters too to deliver to the client. There’s a lot of opportunity in this space and you can offer different levels of service for different needs.

Mobile car wash

It seems a little absurd at first, after all the car is the definition of mobility. So offering a mobile car wash seems a bit strange. However, dig a little deeper and you will realise that this is something many people could do with. Firstly consider the time taken to go to a car wash. Then consider people with more than one vehicle. Finally consider full service including waxing, buffing and detailing and now you start to see why this makes a good service business idea.

Used car inspection

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Do you know what would be even better? Avoid being handed lemons in the first place. Lemon is a colloquial term for an item in a bad state usually used about used cars. Many people do not have the skills and experience to identify the condition of a used car and this creates a problem that you can solve. Inspecting used cars on behalf of buyers is a guaranteed hit. Buyers have the right to do their due diligence and getting a professional to do so would put many people at ease when buying used cars.

Video brochures

So much business is being done through online technology these days. Say what you will about Zimbabwe’s Internet connectivity and access issues people still have access to WhatsApp and a lot of commerce is conducted there. So why not tap into your skills to help people in business appeal to potential customers through video? You can make brochures, product videos, product demos and much more for businesses. You will need a few skills to come together to pull this off but it makes a great service business idea.


Speaking of video one of the unsung heroes of online advertising as a whole is copywriting. You don’t have a lot of space online when speaking to audiences. Consider that the world’s biggest discussion platform limits users to 280 characters per message and that used to be 140! Copywriting is a service that can help businesses and people find the right words. It’s not just about advertising though. Good copy applies to email and other communication as well as instruction manuals and websites.


In economics, they say your theories are only as good as the assumptions they are based on. In business (and life really) we would say your ideas are only as good as the research they are based on. Offering research services as a business idea is a lucrative area already established in Zimbabwe. The key is to specialise in specific areas that are in high demand such as recycling, waste, and energy among others. People pay good money for good research reports.

Those are some great service businesses you can try out in Zimbabwe. It should go without saying that you can come up with a few more if you apply some creativity to the idea of offering services.