Have you ever considered the possibility of monitoring your vehicle(s) remotely? If you watch movies a lot you no doubt have seen that being done by law enforcement agencies, right? Did you know though that you can do that yourself i.e. monitoring your vehicles? Yes, you can and there is a wide array of things you can do in that regard. If this is something you would be interested in then kindly read on. In this article, I shall be discussing a Zimbabwean company that provides services for you to manage your fleet and do surveillance for your assets. The name of that company is Seiji International (also known as Seiji Telematics).

Background Of Seiji International

Vehicle tracking is synonymous with the security of the Vehicle and Asset. The dramatic increase in vehicle theft incidents over the past several years has necessitated the need to develop and implement systems that effectively address these challenges. That is what gave birth to the company. Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Monitoring offers a reliable and affordable solution. Vehicle tracking systems offer remote visibility of vehicle and asset usage while allowing timely intervention to address reckless driving behaviours for a multitude of industry sectors such as Banking, Transport, Civil Contractors, Logistics, Rental and Leasing and Insurance.

Who Is Seiji International?

Seiji Telematics is a leading provider of world-class GPS tracking and fleet management services to corporate, government, local councils and individuals in the region. They provide clients with reliable data-driven vehicle metrics that provide insights into vehicle usage allowing their clients to make informed business decisions.

Their GPS tracking system is capable of providing a variety of vehicle data from simple location, speed and mileage reporting to advanced information such as accident detection, fuel level monitoring, driver ID, reckless driving reporting, trailer tracking and temperature monitoring.

All information is relayed to customers via real-time notifications on the mobile app and computer. They have assisted their customers in driving down operating costs by improving driver behaviour, monitoring running costs of vehicles to identify anomalies, reducing unauthorised trips and fuel theft.

Seiji Telematics is compliant with the Zimbabwe Statutory Instrument 154 of 2010 Section 64 part 2.

Their Vision Statement

At Seiji International, we aspire to be a market leader in the provision of Fleet Management, Asset Surveillance and to offer cost-effective business intelligence solutions to all our customers from anywhere in the world.’

Their Mission Statement

Our mission at Seiji International Private Limited is to offer and provide data-driven advanced technology solutions to enable our customers to make informed business decisions based on real and accurate information about their assets. As a company, we strive to provide visibility of our customers’ assets as well as detailed insights into their performance.’

Seiji International Services

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Immobilization
  • Real-Time Notification Of Events
  • Emergency Call Button
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Trailer Temperature Monitoring
  • Detailed Reports
  • Harsh Braking Monitoring
  • Acceleration monitoring
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Remote Worker Tracking
  • Personal SOS Alarms

Seiji International prides itself in the provision of the best in world-class GPS Fleet Management Solutions. The team behind the brand personally use the products and services they offer. They also take pride in charging their products and services at reasonable prices. Their operating philosophy is that business and customer interaction should not only be transactional but relational as well. They provide and use cloud-based services. This enables you to access your vehicles from anywhere in the world on any device. The management team is comprised of Emmanuel Mutenzwa (Director) and Kumbirayi Machiri (Executive Director). You can contact Seiji International via their website. You can email via support@si-africa.co.zw. You can voice call on +263719627317 or you can WhatsApp on +610478925002. So there you have it, a brand you can consider in Zimbabwe when it comes to Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Monitoring.