We’ve spoken about teaching business ideas here before and the opportunities they create for making extra income from skills you possess. While we’ve explored more traditional teaching business ideas some can only be described as out of the box but are still lucrative teaching business ideas. These are things that you may not be aware people are willing to pay to learn but you will find many people will part with many to learn these skills.


Swimming is a life skill that is unfortunately not taught to as many people as it is needed. If you have the skills you can start a swimming school. There are many opportunities here as you have a wide market that includes children and adults. While you won’t likely be training any Olympic swimmers you will be teaching people an essential life skill that could save many lives in the future. You could charge per hour or another timeframe though the hour is most popular.


DIY covers a whole range of things from drilling, woodwork, landscaping, home improvement and more. With DIY you are focusing more on teaching people how to complete a particular task like making a desk or bed than the skills required to do it such as sanding, cutting and drilling. So the key here is to look at things that are popular in both the home improvement and DIY space and teach those things as full lessons. You’d be surprised at the huge interest in these areas.


Self-defence has always been important and the conditions in the country are becoming more important. Let’s be clear here, the idea is not to teach people to be top-level martial artists who can disarm 7 attackers and beat them to within an inch of their lives. The idea is to help people to get out of tricky situations and even better to avoid being in them. You will have to take some to understand the needs of the market in that regard. That said you can make good money teaching people how to be safe as they walk, drive and generally move around.

Phone photography

While I will not be so foolish as to write off the camera we can all accept that the most popular and accessible camera is the mobile phone camera. Mobile phone cameras have come far from the days of grainy pictures being the norm and nowadays you have people completely relying on mobile phone cameras for all their photography needs. What hasn’t come as far is the skill level of the average person when it comes to photography. A simple course that teaches people basics such as lighting, positioning and focus can do a world of good and be well rewarded.


Zimbabwe has its share of technological challenges. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t care at all. This is not meant to be a harsh criticism but rather a reminder that the world will continue to roll on whether or not we know about the latest technology and what it means for us. Web3 which is a collective term for the next iteration of the internet and how we use it features things like blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and more. Understanding this is important and it will soon be necessary. You can make good returns teaching these concepts to people.


It seems completely crazy but teaching languages has become incredibly lucrative. The ubiquitous English language ranks highest on the list but there is value in teaching other languages. For this to work you will need to be at the very least bilingual. People are willing to pay for outright lessons as well as conversational practice to help them get used to speaking and communicating in a language. If you have a second language you picked up abroad you should give this some thought.

These ideas don’t immediately spring to the mind when we discuss teaching business ideas. They are powerful and you will find that they can be further niched within them to serve specific groups.