2022 – a fresh start. It will be another opportunity to rewire and refire. We currently find ourselves in precarious and uncertain times. However, these are also times where we can earn profit and build wealth. Amid uncertainty and crisis therein lie vast and limitless opportunities. As we step into 2022 there are business ideas that you can consider. I am specifically referring to the January and February periods. Let us explore some of the business ideas that you can embark on in the New Year.

School Supplies Retail

There are so many products or services relevant to the academic field. I am specifically referring to ECD, primary, and secondary levels. It also includes colleges and other various types of learning institutions. School supplies can be clothing, uniforms, stationery, groceries, toiletries, cosmetics, and countless others. You can run a business that focuses on sourcing and selling these products or services. There will be a huge demand for them during the first 2 months of the year.

Low-Cost Household Products

Here I am using an all-encompassing phrase for anything basic needed in households. So it spans from main groceries to other basics regularly used in households. At the beginning of the year, many people will be running low on money. This is because of the significant expenditure that tends to characterize the festive season. The idea here will be to source cheap household products that you can sell at low prices. This will ideally enable most people to buy and that will push volumes. Thus the premise for pursuing this business idea is having a good and reliable source of cheap household items.

Business And Management Consultancy

So many people are looking to embark on projects for their businesses or organizations. Many more are looking to start building their new businesses. For what it is worth in this article I am looking at business ideas. Most such people usually need help. You would be amazed at the number of people who cannot draft business plans, proposals, profiles, and several other things. Prospective or aspiring business people might want to hit the ground running in January or February. You can tap into that pool by providing consultancy services in the area of business and management.

Lending Services

I could have just specifically focused on just money lending. However, I realized that what can be borrowed can span beyond just money. Obviously, at the beginning of the year, most people will be broke. Regardless there will be needs that have to be met. Needs can be in the form of household expenses e.g. rentals, food, and the like. It can also be tuitions, overheads for business, and so on. Quite many people might have to borrow money at the beginning of the year. In some cases, it might entail borrowing physical stuff such as machinery. The idea is if you can figure out what people need and can borrow to repay later, you can make some money.

Farm Produce Retail

Around January and February, there will be some farm produce ready. This is so for those who would have planted early in the final months of 2021. Farm produce such as maize, groundnuts and other crops will not yet be in abundant supply. You can start a business where you source farm produce from the countryside and sell it in urban and peri-urban areas. You can make good money out of this as you most likely get to source at reasonably low prices.

Valentine’s Day Products Or Services

The most notable day other than New Year’s Day in January and February is Valentine’s Day. Good money can be made from providing products and services for that. I would need a whole article to lay out the many possible things to sell towards this. Established businesses can add on packages aimed at this day whereas some can start new businesses for this. The idea is to think outside the box and start earlier – most make the mistake of starting last minute towards the day.

These are just some of the strategic business ideas you can take up. You can of course consider many other possible angles or tweaks to these business ideas. You can even start planning now such that when the time comes you will be ready.