Times are tough, perhaps the most accurate synopsis of the Zimbabwean economic outlook. For those in business, there are many challenges to deal with as a result. Getting customers is very hard and there’s so much competition. There is one thing that you can do in order to increase your conversations. It’s surprising in its simplicity yet it is incredibly effective. Make it easy. Allow me to explain.


The idea of selling is difficult for many and sometimes we get bogged down in this theory and that hack we forget what the purpose is. When all is said and done the purpose is to convince the prospect of the value of the product and convert them to a customer. However many business people actually stand in the way of their sales. They make it more difficult for the customer to buy.

Make it easy

The Zimbabwean economy is bedevilled with so many things multiple currencies, multiple payment methods pricing and more. These are all things outside of the product. Yet many people lose sales because of the failure to navigate these things. And there’s more. Ordering, packaging, delivery, configuration and set up where applicable.

Your goal should be to make your prospects decision easy. If you can let them know early in the conversation the exact steps involved in the process and what they are. Informing the prospect of the product and what it offers. Generally speaking, if the prospect is leading the sales conversation you have a problem.

You certainly know more about your product than the prospect. Make good use of your product knowledge and apply it to the conversation. You are in a position to know frequently asked questions. Instead of waiting for prospects to ask questions present the information to them before they ask.

In a world where communication and access to many things is instant, it surely doesn’t make sense to have to wait or ask the prospect to use their time to find out product information.

Practical steps

Study your frequently asked questions and find ways to place information relating to them in your sales presentations. Look at your sales process and the steps involved, perhaps there’s a way to simplify it and reduce the number of steps. Have your information such as links and samples easily available to your prospects so as to expedite the decision process. Put yourself in the prospects shoes and ask if the process they have to go through is worth it for the product.

We live in a time where things happen fast. The internet and instant payment methods mean we can make decisions very quickly.  Zimbabweans are facing multiple challenges and may not always have the patience to figure out your product and process. Taking this into account means we should assist customers to make their process shorter and smoother. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.