We’ve spoken about network marketing before on this platform and explained how it works. Also some of the negative stigma attached to it. None the less, network marketing presents some great opportunities to earn extra income. Pick the right product in the right place and you will earn yourself some good returns. Let’s take a look at some of the more well-known network marketing opportunities that exist in Zimbabwe.

World Ventures

World Ventures is a US-based travel club which offers participants great travel opportunities with membership. They require a membership and operate on a multi-level marketing basis. They have operated in Zimbabwe since 2015. The entire system is operated on a mobile-based platform.


Avon is famed for their long term stance of preferring direct selling to distributors and retailers. They have extended their product offering beyond their original cosmetics focus to include many accessories and lifestyle items. This is a reputable company which has established itself in the market with quality products.


Tupperware is a supplier of homewares and has been on the market for a very long time. They have a well-established brand that as the name suggests focuses on plastic homewares. Tupperware is a direct selling program that offers participants rewards on volumes sold.


Tianshi otherwise known as Tiens is a supplier of herbal and medical products of Chinese origin. Tianshi has a large international footprint. They offer both direct selling and multi-level marketing option. In addition to the herbal and medical, they also offer health accessories and paraphernalia.

Forever living

Forever living is a well-known supplier of health food and health supplements and has been present in the Zimbabwean market for a long time. Their products are focused on health & wellness and include whole food not just supplements. This makes their offering favourable with many.


Inuka is a cosmetics and fragrances products supplier that operated on a multi-level marketing basis. They provide full support “business kits” that have a package of the items required to get your business started. Their product range is all Inuka branded and they offer a variety of things from oils to coffee.


Longrich is a provider of home care, health and beauty products. Longrich claims to be the largest global manufacturing and direct marketing company. This one too is from China and they are a producer for international brands such as Unilever, Walmart, the aforementioned Avonsnd others. Longrich works on a multi-level marketing basis and has been in operation for over 32 years now.

Network and multi-level marketing have the problem of easily being associated with scams and pyramid schemes, so these are ventures one needs to be careful with. The above are known and have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials. Do a little research if you’re interested they may work for you.