Some time ago we published an article that presented machine-based lite-manufacturing business ideas. To say we barely scratched the surface is an understatement and I think it’s about time we looked at more similar business ideas. As with the previous article, you will get a list of machines that are small-scale and can be used to produce things that have a reasonable if not growing market in Zimbabwe.

Animal feed

While the market for animal feed is well served you can still find space in it, especially on a small scale level. The machines available for this vary in size and capacity but the smallest one won’t take up more than a corner in a garage. The machines turn inputs such as maize, soya, straw and seeds into feed pellets in seconds. It’s really impressive to watch. There is plenty of opportunity in animal feed and you can consider making specialised feed formulae for different livestock.

Recycled packaging

Waste is a big problem in Zimbabwe, or at least its collection is. Meanwhile, the packaging is a big need for businesses. One which can never be quenched. Bring these two things together and you have the makings of a winning business idea right before your eyes. Making packaging products from recycled paper and cardboard is possible thanks to some machines out there. You can make things like egg trays, fruit trays, potted plant holders and a whole lot more. These machines are on the bigger side so you may need a bit more space.

Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

From one business idea with renewable demand to another. Fruit and vegetable juicing is an area that has a lot of opportunities. Whether you’re looking at it from a strict beverage perspective or the health perspective there’s a lot you can do with juicing.  This machine juices fruits and vegetables at an impressive rate. To add to that it’s a very small machine that merely requires a tabletop. Worth looking into.

Fruit and vegetable dryer

Another good thing to do with fruit and vegetables is to dry them. We mentioned it among the ways to preserve and process fresh produce. Dried fruit and vegetables make great snacks as well as ingredients in their own right. While sun-drying is viable for most you may want to do it a little quicker. Yes, there’s a machine for that. Think about a chilli farmer with a huge harvest and a buyer who wants to buy it dried. The sooner you get it dry, the sooner you can sell it and the better your cash flow position. This machine does just that.

Paper bags

In case you’ve forgotten Zimbabwe is expected to ban the use of plastic bags in December 2022, just 5 months from now. While there are forward thinkers who have proffered solutions the greater majority are still going about business as usual. Paper bags are a viable option and preferred because of their biodegradability. Paper bags can be made very strong and in different designs to suit the market. The machine for this is small but I would say just fits into our criteria.


A couple of years ago, in the middle of the festive season parts of Zimbabwe experienced massive ice shortages. So it’s clear there is demand for ice. However, the demand for ice goes beyond festivities. Fish vendors for example may appreciate ice to keep their fish fresh for longer. There’s a variety of machines for this purpose and you can make anything from flakes to cubes to blocks.

Ice lollies

Although this is a seasonal food experiencing popularity in the summer months this looks like a good business idea still. This machine allows you to produce ice lollies and there’s a lot you can do with it. You can make various shapes. Then there’s what you can do with different ingredients. This is a good business opportunity waiting for the right minds to approach it. The machine is very small and only needs a counter to work from. I suggest thinking both widely and wildly about this business idea.