One of the largest supermarkets in Zimbabwe, OK Mart Harare has reopened today after closing a few weeks ago. They had probably closed due to shortages as Zimbabweans were hoarding basic goods, though the official reason given was that it had closed for renovations. There were very long queues at OK Mart as Zimbabweans rushed to buy basic commodities. It opened at 9am and 30 minutes later Cooking Oil and Mazoe Orange had already run out. This is despite the fact that they were limiting those goods to two items per person. Some of the customers at OK Mart Harare were saying they have cooking oil and Mazoe Orange crush in the store room, buy they were only releasing a limited quantity per day. 

Other goods which were limited to two items per person include sugar, flour, rice and bread. The prices of the products were significantly higher compared to when it closed a few weeks ago. The prices are similar to those in other supermarkets like Food World and TM Pick and Pay. Below are pictures and prices of some of the goods which are available in OK Mart. 

5KG Mixed Chicken Portions $34.79


Bally House Mazoe 2 litres $5.99


Eggs Crate 30 eggs $6.90


Green Soap Bar $3.10


Harpic $5.60


OMO Washing Powder 500g $2.10


Peanut Butter 375ml $3.35


Protex Soap $3.99


Rice 2KG $5.45


Sugar 2KG $3.75


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