Trying to make money on the internet is not quite as easy as many people often think it is. The money you get is usually lower than your expectations and the jobs are often too far and in between. All that being said, it is still possible to make money online as long as you dial your expectations of instant success way down, prepare yourself to work hard and exercise a little bit of patience. In your quest to find the best way to make money via the internet, you must be wary of scams and other shady schemes.

Create an online course

Do you have any knowledge or skills which other people might find useful? If so you can create an online course which you can then sell online, either through your website or existing platforms created specifically for this task. Examples of courses which one can create and sell online include one on a language that you are fluent in, an in-demand skill like web or app development, solar power system installation, car repair, writing skills etc. In a lot of cases, creating an online course requires standing in front of a whiteboard with a camera recording your virtual lecture.

Start a blog

A blog is one of the most straight forward ways of making money online. If you think that you can write something that a significant number of people would be interested in reading, start a blog. You can write about anything from the latest scientific breakthrough down to a list ranking the deliciousness of potato crisp flavours. You can either create your website or use existing, free platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

Sell stock images

Ever noticed that most websites are full of photographs? Every one of those photographs was shot by someone and that someone usually has to eat. This means that if you are a decent photographer, you can earn a living selling your work online. Dozens of think pieces on Zimbabwe are produced every day and each of those usually has to be accompanied by an image. Many websites and media companies will gladly pay for such kinds of images. You can sell your work on websites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

Sell handicraft items online

If you are an artist and you believe that your work is any good and might find buyers online, you can try your luck. Platforms like Etsy were created specifically for the buying and selling of handicraft items. There are other platforms which allow you to sell your stuff online but beware—living in Zimbabwe may come with some complications when trying to do business with foreign nationals even online. Sometimes a couple of workarounds may be necessary. Remember that when you sell a physical product over the internet, getting it delivered to the buyer on time is your responsibility.

Sell as affiliate

There are businesses both off- and online which reward you if you refer paying customers. While only a few of these exist in Zimbabwe, there are a lot more on the internet with even big companies like Amazon offering such affiliate programs. If you think you have a platform (e.g. a website or social media account) from which you can convince people to buy from companies which have affiliate programs, do not hesitate to utilise it. Remember that a platform which targets an international audience is best if you want to increase your chances of success.


Nowadays dropshipping is increasing in popularity. This is a practice where instead of a retailer buying products in bulk from a manufacturer to resell, they (retailers) just accept the orders and then relay them to the manufacturer who then ships directly to the final customer. This means that you can open and run an online store without you ever having to handle any inventory or the associated logistics. There are now many manufacturers across the world which offer drop shipping services for all manner of products.

Become a freelancer

Once the most touted way of generating money online for those with skills on high demand, freelancing has become super competitive in recent years.  The competition is even worse on platforms like, and which were created specifically to be skill marketplaces. However, with enough patience and hard work, those with skills like writing, graphic design, web development, app development etc. may find a lucrative market for their services.

Forex trading

One of the most popular ways of making (or trying to make) money online of late, forex trading can either be a lucrative way of earning a living or just be glorified gambling depending on your level of skill and knowledge.

Getting paid

Getting paid when you are in Zimbabwe can be tricky for a variety of reasons which range from US tax laws to what some think are sanctions against the country. You can use services like Payoneer to get paid. This company will open a US bank account for you to receive funds into. A debit card linked to the account will then be sent to you, which can be used to access said funds. Depending on the platform and how you wish to get paid, other workarounds may be necessary.