Many Zimbabweans are running businesses and many continue to start new ones. Truth is, you can choose to start any business you want because the options are many. Obviously skill sets, areas of passion, circumstances and so forth, differ. Suffice to say, there are so many things from which money can be made in Zimbabwe. In this article, I want to talk about small things from which money can be made. The businesses I will discuss can be the answer to questions some of you might have i.e. what business should I start? Note that by ‘small’ I am looking at items you can sell from as low as US$1.

Mobile Phone Accessories

There is a wide array of mobile phone accessories that you sell from at US$1. I am talking about things like earphones, screen guards, shatter glasses, pouches, covers, holders, and so on. There are people I know that run business majoring on mobile devices and accessories. I can tell you for a fact that mobile phone accessories are fast-moving and lucrative.


This is yet another domain in which you can source and sell items that cost from as low as US$1. Some of the things to mention here are bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, and so forth. You can source these jewellery items (more) from formal suppliers (local or abroad). I have noticed there are people who do arts and crafts who make jewellery from locally available materials such as beads and the like. Such items tend to be readily available at tourist locations. However, I feel that if these items are readily made available anywhere they will sell. Those jewellery items are made at low-cost and that makes them quite affordable.


A few days ago I saw someone selling perfumes and deodorants. In fact, the lady approached and for some reason, I just thought to ask what their costs were. I was really surprised to find that most of them cost US$1 and US$2. That lady sells perfumes and deodorants full-time so it is a really good business. Several beauty products cost at least US$1. Some examples are nail polishes, lip balms, make-up items (your mascara and stuff), hair accessories, and the like.

Second-Hand Clothes – Bale Items

Most of you probably have at some point bought bale items. You will attest to the fact that most of the items cost from as low as a US$1. This is particularly true, especially for kids and women’s clothing items. They are good niches because they are highly sought-after so they move super-fast.

Fast-Moving Food Items

Most vendors sell such food items which for the most part cost US$1. Common items in this domain are a wide range of snacks, drinks, and the like. This also spans into fruits and vegetables and even cooked food items such as fresh or roasted mealies, nuts, and so on. The stuff one can sell here can be packaged in small and portable portions that can be lowly priced (even less than a US$1).

Stationery Items

This is another area where you can source cheap items that you can sell for less than US$1 upwards. You can also diversify by including various types of trinkets, gift items (e.g. gift cards) and so on. From pens, pencils, notebooks, exercise books and so on there are so many things you can sell for such low prices. Especially with school cycles opening up again you can make quite some money.

I have just given you broad categories so that you get the picture. The respective items you can sell within these categories are infinitely inexhaustible.

All these items are strategic in that you can price them from at least US$1. By so doing you can attract quite a huge pool of prospective customers. Low prices also make it possible for you to push volumes – thus you can realize huge profits. The other advantage is that these items can be ordered in bulk for even much lower prices. Some of the places where people can order some of these things are Dubai and China. This of course does not negate the fact that you can find them here in Zimbabwe at cheap prices.