Law basket is a fresh and innovative look at access to legal services. They offer users a wide network of lawyers qualified in various fields and jurisdictions through a single platform. Their goal is to allow startups and small businesses access to legal services. We’ve seen and heard cases in Zimbabwe where small businesses claim their ideas were stolen or appropriated by bigger players. We also operate in a country that has a poor record with enforcing contracts according to the World Bank ease of doing business report for 2019. All this to say the startup needs access to legal services. Let’s take a look at the workings of this innovative organization.

“LawBasket is a community of lawyers and clients with specific expertise and identified legal needs, all using technology to solve these legal problems, to collaborate and manage legal work efficiently” – Nyasha Makamba Co-Founder & Head Of LawBasket


Law Basket exists in order to improve access to legal services. The law is always acting on us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Access to legal advice and services has always been an area that is complex for the average person and it’s just as complex for the startup and small business. Law basket gives you access to legal experts via an online portal.


This online portal shows you the various experts available. You can view their expertise, jurisdiction, rates and details. The system works much like an SAP system and you can place your legal query on the site and legal professionals can bid for the job. You can also directly contact a specific practitioner and they will discuss the engagement with you. The platform also handles payments so there is no need to start worrying about how to get money paid to Kenya or Nigeria, just pay them locally and they do the rest.


It’s all about inclusion with Law basket. The goal is to give more and more people access to legal services as and when needed. Because they use a network of lawyers, they cover many facets of law and even geographical areas. If you are in Zimbabwe and needed a lawyer to assist with your business in South Africa, Kenya or Nigeria the platform will give you access to commercial lawyers in those countries and more.

They currently have 145 lawyers in 24 countries. Their coverage of business law is impressive as it includes Intellectual property, registrations, taxation, mergers & acquisitions, compliance, employment law, and startups & structures. The offering is comprehensive and you are allowed to choose who you work with on your engagement. User access to the site is free with a simple sign up process.

The service has been in existence since 2018 though the company behind it has been working on the project since 2014. Their initiative seems to be received very well as they list 80 customers since inception. They are certainly bringing much-needed innovation to an essential part of the business environment.

You can find Law basket on their website They are also available on Facebook and LinkedIn