The innovative make money and progress while the poor and unsuccessful make countless excuses. The great Barack Obama once said fear of trying shows a certain poverty of ambition for it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. Excuses do not liberate you from the scourge and terror of living a poverty stricken life. In everything that you vow to undertake you need to keep moving so that you can embrace the Promised Land. The journey is not only for the swift but also for the persistent with half belief that they will see Canaan. The following is a list of the lamest excuses made by those who do not want to start their own business and self-actualization.

I am still young, I will start a business when I am older

It is said that procrastination is a thief of time and a killer of destiny. The young feel too young and the old feel old to start but one should not wait to strike when the iron is hot but should make the iron hot by striking. Many people wait for a perfect time to become entrepreneurs but the right time is always now, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow might never come. Many realize years later that if they had started back then, they would be somewhere by now, but it will usually be a little too late. Young and old alike there is no entrance bar on age. The world is pregnant with possibility.

Every idea has been thought of and the fact that no one is doing it means someone has tried before and fail.

Many great ideas go unexecuted because those that have them do not have belief in self. They are quick to think that if someone has failed to do it then it cannot be done. It is high time that emerging business people understand that they are unique and anointed to run a different race. The next person’s failure does not guarantee you of a sure fail but gives you a spring board to build on what they failed to execute and make it better and deeper. It is true that they is literally nothing new under the sun but success depends on improving what has been laid by others. Usually the second person to execute becomes a master because they get to perfect that which needs improvement.

There is no one who can give me capital or assistance

The problem in Zimbabwe has many times been about young people needing assistance without proving that they are worth assisting. Business requires you to start where you are and to start with the little that you have. A man who cannot change a dollar in to two dollars will by no means change a billion in to two billion. In the bible Moses has a rod in his hands, and that is how God begins with him. The widow had some little cooking oil, but help came later. Success is not by happenstance. The most powerful thing is an idea. Do not wait to get a thousand dollars to start. If the little you have can only start with tomatoes then start with tomatoes. It is only a grave that starts at the top. Start from below and in the process of time you will find what you really sake.

Depending on another person’s income that you feel no need to start your own business

Some people have quickly become parasites and scavengers. They feel they is no need to start a business because of dependency on someone else’s income. This person could be a family member or friend. The reality is that life on earth is not guaranteed. Only death is guaranteed. Why chose to balance on one leg when you know that you are surely standing on shaky ground. What do you do when the one you depend on withdraws their support, or pass on to the after life. Wake up and smell the coffee. The time is now to become your own boss.

Becoming too comfortable with salary

Salary is bait that keeps us trapped and imprisoned. The goal is to become an employer not a mere employee. You cannot live on money that you get only 12 months a year and expect to be truly productive. Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich dad, Poor dad says that the goal of financial independence is to have your money working for you rather than working for money.

Fear of failure

It is fear that has paralyzed and immobilized many prospective businessmen. People do not start simply because they are afraid to fail. George Soros says that once we realize that imperfect understanding is a human condition then there is no shame in being wrong but only in failing to correct ourselves. The best way to overcome fear is trying something new and failing but taking a lesson from that failure. Those that have never failed have never tried something new in their lives.

I am waiting for the economy to improve

It Is important to note that Microsoft started when they was a recession. You can never truly know when the economy will improve. You need to find an idea that answers a need which is there in that economy. When an economy goes sour the Noah situation usually presents itself whereby the water that gives reason to Noah’s ark is the same water that sinks others.

People say that it will not work

The biggest excuse that people make is the fear of what people say or think. The truth is that people will always have something to say whether you start a business and fail, or you do not start a business and surely fail. Man, who seek approval from those surrounding them will never accomplish a single thing in their lives. If you want to make it in business you have to look the other side. Far from the crowd.

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